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SKINTASTIC offers a variety of customized, nutritional/hormonal balance programs. All of Skintastic’s medical weight loss programs are customized to the individual, with your well-being, your weight loss goals, and your schedule in mind. Our medical and nutritional staff will help you to achieve your goals safely, and can help you keep the weight off once you reach your weight loss goals.

From the popular and effective HcG Diet, to an assortment of other diet and supplement programs that are tailored for your needs and body type – Skintastic offers the support and expertise you need to achieve your best results.

We’ll be with you every step of the way along your weight loss journey – from supplement selection, to routine testing and follow up appointments. And what’s best – we’ll be there for those just needing someone to talk to and ask advice about the best foods to eat, best exercise ideas for body types and schedule, vitamin deficiencies, medication support and more.

At Skintastic, we understand the dynamics and individuality of each individual case – and work hard to help customize a program that will meet your needs, and provide results that will motivate and inspire you to make the life change to sustain your results.

Loose skin from weight loss?

The best cosmetic surgeons in Dallas are available at your disposal at Skintastic!  Experiencing a few extra stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t come off? Have some loose skin? Need to tuck away the excess and tighten and tone your new body?

Skintastic if your all-in-one wellness and cosmetic surgery super center. Offering surgeries like tummy tuck and liposuction – or even Zerona slimming laser, Cool Sculpting or Skin Tightening supplemental treatments after you’ve reached your weight loss goals – will help you look EVEN better.

Look great, but FEEL better at Skintastic.

In addition to medical weight loss, Skintastic also offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and nutritional protocols for improving male wellness, female wellness, menopause and andropause (male menopause), and hormonal enhancements to increase libido and sexual stamina.

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