Skintastic’s Favorite Ways to Relax at Home

ways to relax at home

What are some of your favorite ways to relax at home?

Home Sweet Home. It should be the one place you feel most at peace and most comfortable, but let’s face it, oftentimes our homes are not the most relaxing peaceful places. After a busy holiday season, traveling, attending holiday events and even hosting a few in your home, are you feeling the need to just chill? At Skintastic, we put together some of our favorite ways to relax at home.

You don’t have to go to a swanky spa to relax — it is possible to relax in your own home. Here are a few of our favorite ways to rest, relax and find peace at home.

Prepare your home
— In order to make your home a relaxing, peaceful place, you may need to make a few adjustments inside your home. First of all, clear out clutter and make sure your home is clean. A cluttered, messy home is a stress inducer, rather than a stress reliever. Another way to make your home feel less cluttered is to arrange your furniture so that there are clear pathways throughout your home. Principles of Feng Shui teach that furniture arrangement can eliminate negative energy from your home.

Massage — If you don’t own a massage chair, you are missing out. Take a trip to Brookstone and purchase a quality massage chair. You don’t have to fork over a few thousand dollars for a recliner with a massager; you can purchase a pad to place in any chair in your home for a relaxing massage. If you prefer a true massage rather than a self-massager or massage chair, hire a professional massage therapist to come to your home. Massage is a perfect way to release tension in your body, improve circulation and relax after the stress of the day.

Hot spa bath — Surround your bathtub with aromatherapy candles or essential oils for added relaxation and take some time to soak in a hot bubble bath. If your tub has jets, turn them on to really give you the spa feel. Turn the lights down and light the room by candlelight for the most relaxation. To ensure your home spa experience is truly relaxing, set it up at a time when you will have the most privacy. Be sure to leave your phone in another room. A hot spa bath will allow you to rest your mind in a quiet place, without interruption.

Gardening — Though gardening is not relaxing for everyone, some people find working in their yard and garden the ideal way to spend an evening after a hard day’s work. Plant your favorite flowers, so you are able to cut fresh flowers and enjoy them inside your home any time. During the winter, focus on plants you can grow inside your home, such as a windowsill herb garden.

Your home should be the one place in the world you feel most comfortable and you can always go to relax. While everyone loves a day at the spa, you can relax in your own home at any time!

What are your favorite ways to relax in your home? Share your relaxation ideas with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.