Under the Mistletoe

This holiday season, get the lips you’ve always dreamed of with derma fillers at Skintastic and avoid being caught unprepared under the mistletoe with thin, dry lips.

Derma fillers or cosmetic injectables have overwhelmingly become the chosen alternative to cosmetic lip augmentations because there is no downtime and only minimal recovery following the injectables.  Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass has extensive experience with cosmetic injectables and even serves on the boards of many U.S. cosmetic filler companies.  Because of this knowledge and experience Dr. Adelglass can evaluate your lips and know which derma filler option is the right one for you.

What are derma fillers?  Derma fillers are most often a clear gel made from substances naturally found in the body.  Fillers with a finer substance are typically used to smooth out the skin and remove the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while derma fillers with more density are used to add volume or plumpness and provide ideal results for kissable lips.  The natural elements used in derma fillers decrease the occurrence of allergic reactions because the substance is already found in your body.

Derma Filler Procedures available at Skintastic

Restylane and Perlane treatments are offered at both our Plano and Uptown Dallas locations.  This process takes as little as 30 minutes but produces immediate results.  This FDA approved treatment provides long lasting effects adding the volume, fullness and definition to your lips that cannot be achieved with lipstick.

Juvederm is another FDA approved treatment that is also offered at both of our locations.  Juvederm’s unique non-animal based formula provides proven long lasting results.  The success of Juvederm can be attributed to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to water, which hydrates the surface and gives fullness and smoothness to the lips.

Boxtox is a highly effective cosmetic injectable that is primarily used to remove lines and wrinkles.  When injected near the lips, Botox will decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles while plumping the lips and adding fullness.  Following a Botox injection you can go about your daily and social activities with no interruptions.

Along with Retylane, Perlane  Juvederm and Botox, Skintastic offers many solutions that will help you achieve those soft, full, kissable lips that you’ve always wanted.   Call Skintastic today to find out how to get the perfect lips.  Let’s just hope you aren’t found under the mistletoe kissing Santa Claus this Christmas!