Tattoo DiscountTattoo Removal Discount For Our Heroes

At Skintastic – we value our Heroes, from our local police force, to those who serve our country in the military here and overseas – to those who fight fires and protect our families.

If you are (or are going into) this profession and would like to remove a tattoo – we offer our Heroes (military, police, fire, paramedics and reserve) the opportunity to have a fresh start with our Hero’s Discount – where you can save up to 40% off your treatments.

Come in for a complimentary consultation – and we will show you or propose how many treatments we think it will require with our amazing PicoSure laser system. You would pay full price for your first treatment, and then would receive 10% off your second treatment, 20% off your third treatment, 30% off your fourth treatment – and the fifth and remaining treatments would be at 40% off!

Contact our office to learn more about this discount for Tattoo Removal.