Surgery May Improve Chances

Times have changed. In today’s job market, employers not only are looking for smart, qualified applicants; they also are building a corporate image with each hire, which motivates them to employ healthy, young professionals.


Nowadays, companies believe that success is all about building the appearance of success. For people looking for a job, this means that they have to present the whole package. Employers receive tremendous amounts of identical resumes, and a healthy, well-groomed appearance could make all the difference during interviews. Here’s a quick overview of ways to boost your image and get that job you’ve been seeking:

Hair Removal and Replacement

 Finding a job in a large company depends on fitting its image of success. For men, this image includes a healthy head of hair. During middle-age, hair loss not only makes men look older, but it also can lower their self confidence, making it difficult to interview effectively. If you have noticed yourself balding, why not get back your competitive edge using hair replacement or transplant?

For women, presenting a healthy image may involve removing body hair. Women with dark or thick hair on their arms or face may feel self conscious, keeping them from interviewing well. Laser hair removal allows you to permanently remove unsightly body hair, giving you the confidence to get your dream job.

Tattoo Removal

 Recently, Science World Report confirmed that job applicants with visible tattoos have a lower chance of being hired than those that do not. Studies found that even employers that do not object to body art will avoid hiring someone with tattoos because they are worried about how their customers feel about tattoos. Many people still associate tattoos with gangs and drugs.

Fitting a corporate image means more than looking healthy; it means looking clean and professional.

Skin Treatments

 If you watch a training video in any corporate environment, you’ll notice that no one onscreen has wrinkles, acne scars or blemishes. This is because skin appearance is associated with cleanliness and personal hygiene. Employers want to present this same image to their clients by hiring people that have healthy skin.

Chemical peels can correct many skin-related problems. For a more comprehensive treatment, filler injections should also be considered.

If you live in the Dallas or Plano area and want to find out what plastic surgery or other procedures can do for you, contact us at 972-620-3223.

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