Stay Local, Dallas Breast Augmentation

June 27, 2013, Dallas TX- So many women are unhappy with their breasts, they are either too small, or they sag. Women can either learn to live with these imperfections or they can choose to have breast implants or an augmentation. The fact that plastic surgeons perform close to 300,000 of these procedures each year indicates that women don’t want to learn to live with their imperfect breasts, they want to do something about and seek out a plastic surgeon.


An internet search for breast augmentations will yield page after page of surgeons, and advertisements luring women overseas to have liposuction or breast implants. Numerous travel agencies offer packages that combine body contouring procedures with a fun and exciting vacation to South America, Europe or another exotic locale. While it may be enticing to combine a vacation with a cosmetic enhancement, there are risks and what you save by combining your vacation your cosmetic surgery may end up costing significantly more in the long run.

Breast augmentations, breast implants and liposuction are surgical procedures; they require anesthesia, incisions and a recovery period.  Even though these cosmetic surgery/vacation packages offer you high-class accommodations, trips to popular tourist attractions and pampering at posh spas, you may not actually feel like leaving your room to participate.

The decision to have plastic surgery is not something a person should take lightly. The single most important step you can take to assure optimal results is to check the credentials of the surgeon you plan to put your body in the hands of, picking a surgeon at random from a vacation package can have disastrous results. It can be nearly impossible to properly vet a surgeon who performs cosmetic surgery overseas.

A good example of the consequences that can ensue is the story of Felicia Pappas who went to Bolivia to have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction. Pappas was not able to check the credentials of her surgeon or get customer testimonials.  After she had her surgery things began to go wrong, she developed an infection that eventually killed nipple tissue and required her to have blood transfusions.

If complications arise, a person could find they are suffering in a foreign hospital far away from their family and loved ones.

The ASPS recommends that a cosmetic surgery patient wait at least ten day after their procedure before flying.

Upon returning to the states Pappas had to regularly have fluid drained from her abdomen, because of her botched procedure. She also found it difficult to find a surgeon who would perform corrective surgery due to strict malpractice laws and corrective surgeries often cost more than the initial procedures.

If you would like to combine your vacation with a breast augmentation then it is best to stay in the states. Dallas is great place to visit year round and happens to be the home of accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffery Adelglass.

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Adelglass has skillfully performed a number of breast augmentations with stunning results. Not only will he do everything to make you happy, his clinic also offers a number or treatments that will make you feel pampered.