SmartLipo: What to Consider

For patients considering liposuction, there are a number of options available. There are so many options, in fact, that it can be difficult to match your goals with the right treatment. Choosing among SmartLipo, traditional liposuction and the various other technologies out there can be overwhelming.



At Skintastic, we can develop a custom plan to meet your particular goals, no matter what the target area. We are proud to offer SmartLipo as one of our preferred liposuction technologies. This article will introduce you to three advantages that SmartLipo has over surgical alternatives. If you have any questions about the procedure, Call Us At 972-620-3223 Today!

1. SmartLipo Can Be Used To Treat Both Fat Pockets And Loose Skin

Traditional liposuction techniques can treat larger areas of fat, but they can also leave people with baggy or loose skin. After undergoing a cosmetic procedure, the last result you want is another problem.

Discovery Health explains that SmartLipo is very effective at treating stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to exercise. The technique is also effective at removing loose skin. Its tissue-tightening effects are caused by an increased amount of tissue coagulation.

2. SmartLipo Has Fewer Complications Than Other Liposuction Techniques

Some methods can lead to bleeding, infection, skin rippling, swelling and nerve damage. SmartLipo, on the other hand, is a very safe technology that has few possible side effects. Most patients never experience an adverse reaction, but those who do only report soreness and minor bruising.

Other technologies make similar claims, but SmartLipo is supported by a decades worth of clinical research that proves it is safe.

3.  SmartLipo Offers Patients A Faster Healing Time

SmartLipo is extremely convenient. In fact, it can be performed over the weekend.

After the procedure, patients feel minimal discomfort. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for a few weeks, but you can go back to work after a day or two. Other liposuction methods lead to pain and burning that can last for weeks.

In the end, everyone’s body is different, which is why we customize each of our cosmetic procedures for every patient that comes through our door. To schedule an appointment and discuss what combination of techniques will help you reach your body-image goals, Call Us At 972-620-3223 Today!

3 Reasons To Consider SmartLipo


Question from an old Vietnam vet on this veteran’s day. I am 70 years old, in good health, 5 ft, 10 in. weigh 206. belly fat, love handles; just poochy!!! would I be a candidate for some sort of lypo? what kind of money are we talking. I am a widow, but I am not trying to impress some woman—I got that covered. I just don’t like what I see in sideview.


    Hi Mr. Whitlock – firstly, thanks for your service. =)

    Dr. Adelglass is out of town right now and would need to be the one to answer this. Give me a day or so to find out his best answer for you, my thought would be yes, they have several options for you – including surgical and laser-based treatments that can help you be ‘less poochy’! Someone from our office will be in touch shortly!

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