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A few reviews from years past….

What’s great – is the steady, friendly professionals that are STILL with Skintastic – year after year.  Rarely will you see a new face around Skintastic – our employees love working here – and our patients love that.

07/23/14 Keith T. A pleasant experience. The staff and doctor want to make sure you have a good experience and that you are satisfied with the results.

05/27/14 Bolton P. Their receptionists are always police and friendly. And Karen is the best.

04/27/14 Criselda M. I have been a patient @ skintastic for over 6 years and every visit I leave with a great feeling.

02/24/14 Kendrick P. Dr. A is amazing! I really liked the Barbara saw me recommended and worked with me. She is personable and I cannot wait to see my results.

09/23/13 G. Dillenger Lee was absolutely amazing! She was wonderful in answering all my questions. I’m very excited about starting the hog program with her.

11/19/12 B. Carter So excited to know life after 50 does not mean frump-ville! Love what Lee with Skintastic shared with me. My husband will love this!

05/15/12 Elena B. Great location, easy to find. Medical staff very professional yet personable as well. I will definitely be recommending SKINTASTIC to my friends for their Skin Care and Wellness needs. .

09/23/10 Alan A. Michael did an outstanding job. Beyond his normal professional demenor, he put me at ease and made the procedure relaxing. The entire staff made me feel as I was the most important patient in the office! Outstanding staff!! Have the highest regard for Lee and her insight as well as recommendation for nutrition. The rest of the team from front desk and scheduling to drawing blood and procedure team are world class.

09/22/10 G.S. Great job making feel at ease with a process I find a little uncomfortable. For being the first visit, I loved the manner in which I was received and the professionalism.

09/10/10 Diana J. Dysport took affect in 1 1/2 days… very pleased… thanks!

09/8/10 O.W. It’s always a pleasure to meet with Dr. Adelglass. I look forward to seeing him and his staff. Last time I came for a (micro)dermabrasion with Teresa; she is an awesome person to deal with, competent and professional. Thanks for the awesome service.

09/2/10 Karen W. Thanks so much Skintastic! I am thrilled with the facial fat transfer results. And Lee has been wonderful to work with for both nutritional counseling and hormone therapy! I finally feel great and look great!

08/30/10 Coleen S. Just adore you all at that office. Everything was perfect, right down to the hug I got at departure!

08/26/10 T.K. Hi Lee–I wanted to thank you for your exceptional service throughout my treatment with the Zerona Slimming Laser. I’ve been very pleased with the results! After my two-week treatment period, my favorite jeans became loose enough that I was able to have them taken in! This is a good problem to have! Now I’m saving up for the SmoothShapes Treatment. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that soon so I can be beach body ready for what’s left of our warm weather! Many thanks.

08/25/10 Yvonne L. My consultation was wonderful. Barbara was disarming, and immediately put me at ease. She answered all of my questions and offered relevant solutions. I would most certainly recommend Skintastic.

08/25/10 Diane B. Very happy with my results. I would like to see a referral program put into effect as I refer people to Skintastic quite often.

08/21/10 Deborah L. I had my first laser hair removal session today at the Uptown office and Karen is a doll–love her to pieces!! Upon my consultation in Plano I talked with Teresa and she’s also a sweetheart. Looking forward to doing a microdermabrasion with her in a week.

08/9/10 Sherri K. (The front desk) Always smiling voices ready to schedule an appointment. (The doctor and aesthetician) Always a pleasure to visit Dr. A and staff… always smiling, courteous and professional. I wouldn’t change a thing!

08/6/10 I.S. They were very nice and knew about the product that I wanted. Thy were very good at finding the perfect time around my schooling. They (the doctor and aesthetician) were great!!! They made me feel at ease. She (the aesthetician) was awesome, because I was scared and she told me her story, and I felt much better after that!!

07/27/10 V.W. Both Barbara & Doctor “A” are the very best!!!!

07/21/10 D.T. Alicia was wonderful. She explained, made me extra copies, washed and dried my hair . . . She made me feel special and as if I was her only concern for the day 🙂 Not sure of the results yet, still too swollen to tell. As far as the CO2 laser – certainly hope the lines around mouth and eyes are gone.

07/20/10 B.B. I was treated with personal attention and made to feel my needs mattered to them. All my questions and concerns were explained to my understanding and satisfaction. I enjoyed my visit with Dr.Adelglass and his staff and look forward to future followup procedures with them at Skintastic.

07/19/10 Laura S. I was able to make an appointment right away. She (the aesthetician) was very helpful and explained the steps thoroughly. She took her time to explore my options for treatment.

07/15/10 Diana M. I love the way they answer the phone and scheduled me in that day. They (the doctor and aesthetician) were both wonderful and made me feel super special. Yes, she (the aesthetician) is a doll and so helpful with tons of information. I have been to several spas to have Botox. I don’t see myself going anywhere else. I was extremly happy with the service and procedure and will be back soon!

07/08/10 Jennifer D. Prompt appointment. Pleasant person (the appointment desk). Aesthetician answered all my questions and explained in detail what should be done in a friendly manner. Doctor was very approachable and friendly.

07/08/10 Lisa M. Satisfied? Triple yes, yes, yes!

07/01/10 Martha L. I loved the results because you have made me look more beautiful.

06/30/10 Brandon H. Keep up the good work.

06/22/10 Jamie D. Overall I had a positive experience. I am single and pay for everything on my own so I am glad the doctor understood that.

06/22/10 Denise H. The only reason I said ‘No’ with being satisfied with the results of the Dysport is because it hasn’t kicked in yet. Usually Botox kicks in within a day or two and it’s been 3 days and nothing yet.

06/12/10 Kim M. The visit was wonderful. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. The aesthetician did a wonderful job of helping me decide exactly what I wanted to do. And it goes without saying that Dr. Adelglass is superb!

06/09/10 Ann C. Overall my experience in your office was great! The DOT procedure was done very professionally by Marty & Mike. They are a great team! Very skillful, knowledgeable, informative and super ‘bedside manner & humor’ which was an added plus! This is my 1st day since the procedure and I indeed resemble a swollen, red raccoon (a desirable result immediately following the DOT procedure). Am anxiously looking forward to the end result!

06/09/10 Mary M. I love my experience from the day I met Barbara in the Dallas office. She was extremely patient with me and with my concerns and my needs. The doctor was awesome and I totally plan on going back and seeing the doctor again!

06/02/10 Heather Z. Just wanted to let you know my Dysport kicked in fully after 3 days.

05/29/10 Adrienne P. I did not answer #5 because I don’t know the results of my Dysport injection yet. Thanks very much.

05/26/10 Kay M. No suggestion for changes at this time!

05/23/10 Nancy O. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

05/22/10 Alicia P. I am so happy … i need to go back to your website to see what else you offer!

05/19/10 Julie L. Everyone was wonderful! The doctor was amazing and that office manager, WOW she was fantastic! Love her! 🙂

05/19/10 D.R. I felt like I was very well taken care of. Everyone was really nice.

05/10/10 Judy W. Really liked the treatment. Think my eyelids look a little dark this morning from the beginning of each brow and angles down to the outer corner of each of my eyes. I had a tiring weekend so is probably that but did concern me. I will check with Barbara later today.

05/10/10 T.W. All around excellent!

05/07/10 Laura M. (The front desk was) very professional and personable.

05/03/10 Theresa M. Barbara was awesome.

04/30/10 Martha L. I was precise in conveying what I wanted and was listened to and got what I requested. Was satisfied in every way. Thanks for a good experience and result.

04/26/10 Sherry L. Teresa was wonderful. She is fun, very easy to talk too and knowledgable.

04/26/10 Anonymous Spoke to Helene, she was very polite and courteous.

04/23/10 M.Y. He is an excellent doctor (and) works like a magician. I would always go back to him and so will many of my friends. Thank you.

04/17/10 Suzanne S. (The aesthetician gave a) very clear explanation; great experience.

04/16/10 Cynthia S. Yes she (the aesthetician) did and always does – very encouraging and went into detail. She also recommended Uptown Bar & Grill and my son is taking me there this Saturday. This was my first visit to Uptown and I loved it. Very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

04/16/10 Terri S. I was able to get an appointment that was within my schedule. Great job, and no pain. Explain in great detail what would benefit my needs. Very helpful. I will return. Very happy with service.

04/09/10 Kellie W. Dr. Adelglass is the best, and I have referred two friends to him. I will come back again and again.

04/09/10 Cory W. I got an appointment the day I called. Excellent! Everything was well explained (by the doctor and aesthetician), and I felt like if I had any questions, they would be answered. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions.

04/08/10 Rose V. Peggy (with the front desk) was very friendly and pleasant! He (Dr. Adelglass) was very informative and friendly. Teresa (the aesthetician) was wonderful–she made me feel very comfortable.

04/08/10 Bonnie S. She (the receptionist) gave me all the info I needed, including the exact price of the treatment I wanted. None of this “per unit and it depends on how much you need” stuff.

04/07/10 R.A. It was better then I expected.

04/07/10 Karen C. I was very impressed and happy with everyone at your Uptown location and will definitely return!

04/01/10 Cristina S. I am absolutely satisfied with Skintastic. Dr. Adelglass and Barbara are just an amazing team! The Uptown location is convenient and well taken care of, but most of all I like it because it feels more personalized and friendly than the Plano location.

03/30/10 Dana C. (The front desk was) very nice and professional. (The doctor and aesthetician were) ry open and honest. They answered all of my questions.

03/26/10 Margaret M. (The doctor and aesthetician) make a perfect suggestions, answered all my questions being patient, gentle with procedure, asking me about my opinion. She (the aesthetician) spent enough time to talk to me, gave me ditails information about procedure.

03/22/10 Gayle H. I was very pleased with my consultation.

03/18/10 Myra D. I have been a patient of Skintastic’s a long time and have always been very pleased with my service and the entire staff.

03/18/10 Mary W. love the office & the staff! i already have my mom visiting yall & will tell more friends!

03/17/10 Jan B. To this point (48 hours) I cannot much of a change from pre to post procedure except for my bruising. It may take more than what we did to take care of my “overly expressive” face, making it just “expressive”. But I did enjoy both of you!

03/09/10 Thomas F. They (the doctor and aesthetician) were great. I am glad they took the time to go over other areas It was great. Thanks!

03/03/10 Lisa L. Dr. Adelglass is absolutely brilliant! I wouldn’t go to anyone else! I am extremely satisfied with all of the services I have received at Skintastic. (Skintastic Director of Aesthetics) Barbara Adelglass took care of me during my visits and she is has a great eye for natural beauty and is very knowledgeable about skin and procedures. She’s fantastic. The level of professional expertise is exceptional. I love the Mckinny street office. I am planning on having some new services done this week and next.

03/03/10 Heather K. (The front desk was) very friendly and accommodating. I always like working with Teresa… she is very sweet and attentive to my needs. I trust her advice when seeked. Teresa by far is the best Aesthetician I’ve had during my visits and will request her from here on out.

03/02/10 Christy B. I was not offered to look at any befores and after photos… but I also did not ask to see any. Everything was great, loved the office staff…

03/02/10 Z.G. Because I had not actually received a service/treatment of some sort I couldn’t give an honest opinion. I can say that the level of professionalism was excellent, the facility was warm, inviting, modern, and appealing. I do believe that when I take full advantage of the services offered it will be pleasing. With the level of experience in skin care, client satisfaction, and a peaceful environment there should be little to no changes required. …I was quite satisfied with the response I got (from the front desk). The person was very patient in describing some of the services offered, availability of the doctor, aestheticians, etc. Not only did I find the aesthetician to be competent, I found her to be warm, personable, and truly concerned with my concerns about my skin. …We (the aesthetician and I) discussed the past history of my skin care and skin care regimens. We talked about my expectations during and after treatments, as well as other options I was not aware of.

03/02/10 Lisa M. I am so impressed with everyone at Skintastic and that is rare from a person who is not easily impressed. I always leave feeling special and looking better than ever. Thank you for being committed to such excellence you have truly made me a more confident person.

03/02/10 Cherie S. you’re the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/21/10 Bonnie B. Amazing as always! Front desk staff always friendly and Rose Mary is phenomenal!

02/19/10 Jennifer B. Teresa is an absolute doll. From her bedside manor to her overall personality she has just won me over. This was my second experiance with her, and I couldn’t be more pleased! 🙂

02/19/10 Sheri T. My procedure is scheduled for Mar 11th (a quicklift and lipo on face and chin). Your staff has been wonderful…kind, curteous, helpful, patient, just lovely.

02/07/10 Martha C. Eveyone always makes me feel like I am special. So friendly and helpful. I will be glad when a med or shot comes out to tighened my neck a little more.

02/05/10 David M. Barbara is awesome and I specifically ask to return to her always. Her expertise can’t be matched and the way she truly cares about the best outcome for her patients shows.

02/04/10 Jeanne J. Front office staff very professional and friendly.

02/03/10 Cecilia C. Excellent visit. Scheduled a procedure. Am completely satisfied.

01/29/10 Julie P. I just had a consult and Rose Mary was very helpful and informative!

01/28/10 Emilie H. All was great. I couldn’t have asked for more.

01/28/10 Kathi P. (The front office staff is) very polite and professional. Dr Adelglass and Barbara are the best! Although my situation is unique, they always make me feel at ease. Barbara always makes me feel good! She listens to my concerns, makes suggestions, and always leaves me feeling wonderful.

01/23/10 Sandi H. I work in the building and spoke with Peggy. She was very enthusiastic and very accommodating. So far, everything was great.

01/23/10 N. N. I’m excited about your new location due to the proximity to my home. The location itself is accessible, contemporary. Dr. and Mrs. Adelglass were wonderful! I totally enjoyed my visit and their kindness & friendliness.

01/21/10 Jamie E. I would not change a thing! I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was so nice!

01/21/10 Linzy P. No changes! The most wonderful associates and doctor in the world!

01/21/10 Janet H. Teresa made me feel pampered and comfortable. I plan to come back for further treatments.

01/19/10 Barbara D. My only suggestion is that they have occassional Saturday or after hour appointments for us working folk.

01/19/10 Anonymous I got a good impression from the person that answered the phone. She was very friendly and I liked how I was greeted on the phone.

01/15/10 Nesa A. nice visit.

01/12/10 Tracy H. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I always recommend Skintastic.

01/12/10 Christene M. Teresa was great and very informative along with Helene. I felt very relaxed and comfortable asking questions.

01/12/10 Karen S. i would like to see the spider vein treatment back… Everything has been very satisfactory. I am looking forward to more treatments in the future. Thanks so much!

01/09/10 Belinda E. Great job! A friend told me about how her face blistered and erupted after her skin procedure in NJ. I have followed instructions and been fine. I had a great experience at Skintastic. Scheduling person tried to change my appointment to the next week when I would not have been in TX.

12/29/09 Judy B. Linda Williams was fantastic! She explained everything thoroughly, and treated me with respect; her demeanor was professional and caring. Dr. Adelglass also had a caring, professional demeanor and really put me at ease. I would like to come in for a consultation some time in February and discuss options for my sagging face and bags under my eyes.

12/23/09 Phyllis S. Love Linda!

12/17/09 Mary W. This was my first visit to your office and I was very pleased with it. The woman who answered the phone was very pleasant and went out of her way to answer my questions and to get me an appointment time that would work with my busy schedule. The aesthetician was telling me about some new hormonal analysis and therapy services that you will be offering there and I would be interested in seeing more about this.

12/13/09 Carla M. Great first experience!

12/09/09 Jean C. It was a good experience. Thank you , I will certainly revisit again in the future.

12/09/09 Connie N. I am very pleased with the services you offer. I know you will always have the most up-to-date services available. I saw several TV ads this morning on channel 8. Barbara, you’re so cute!

12/09/09 Nisha P. You got it all right, could’t ask for more. It was very easy to make appointment, no wait, quick and simple.

12/08/09 Charlotte H. Everyone in the front office has always been super friendly, every single time I’ve ever called.

11/21/09 Linda G. I am just waiting until 12/2 to get Restylane and Artefill. The receptionist was very kind.

11/18/09 Ruby V. My inital visit was excellent. I have not made a decision of when I will begin the treatment.

11/16/09 Pat B. I had only one interest – getting rid of my “waddle”, (sp)… Then,after speaking with the aesthetician, if there was any way to make my skin look better. She was quite honest – not like the sales personal in department stores….Offered a couple of items….

11/16/09 Kerry R. I’m very satisfied with the service and results. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

11/11/09 H.M. Very friendly atmosphere.

11/10/09 Z.N. Linda was nice and very professional. She explained all the things that I needed to know and answered all my questions. Thanks so much for the complimentary evaluation.

10/29/09 Janet A. I talked with Linda, Marty and Lee. I was amazed they all spent so much time with me. I was very impressed with my first visit. I didn’t feel I was being ‘sold’ a procedure or high pressured into doing anything. Just lots of good information and professionalism. (The) receptionist was very courteous and accommodating.

10/25/09 Jacque B. The receptionist was very pleasant and got my appointment scheduled quickly.

10/21/09 J.C. Leslie made my appointment. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Rose Mary gave me a microdermabrasion. She was very professional, explaining each portion of the treatment and suggesting several options for future procedures that would benefit some problem areas on my face. Rose Mary answered all my questions. She was very patient and explained everything to my satisfaction.
I was worried about an allergic reaction to the products, but Rose Mary was very gentle. My face felt slightly “wind-burned” and was a little pink for a few hours. My makeup went on much smoother the next day. I’m looking forward to beginning the Obagi regimen. It was fun getting to meet all of you beautiful people at SKINTASTIC – Rose Mary, Dr. A, Lee, Julie, Mike, Mandy, Peggy…and many more! Thank you all!!

10/20/09 Flora L. I found the whole esperience very educational and informative. I though I knew how the procedures worked also it was good to finally find out if I were a candidate for the smart lipo and to actually see how my body would change. It was very good to meet everyone and now I just need to make that decision.

10/14/09 Connie G. Nurse spent a good amount of time with me, and was very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. The Dr. is great, experienced, and friendly, but whisked in and out literally maybe 3 minutes total and that included administering the Botox! I am satisfied with my visit, and everyone made me feel comfortable. Prices are a little more expensive on some procedures I am interested in, but I would choose skintastic again when promotions are being ran because of the friendliness and knowledge of the staff.

10/14/09 Sandra V. She (the aesthetician) really does care for her patients. I will use your services forever. Perhaps offering complimantary toll passes for people that are coming out of the city, like me.

10/09/09 Ann G. This is crazy, but I saw results within a day. This was the best experience. Thank you so much! You have a really good operation there with your staff staying around and they are so good at what they do as well as you are terrific, doctor. The scheduler tried to get me in as quick as possible which is exactly what I wanted although I never said so.

10/08/09 Doug T. I appreciate the time and care afforded me to assure me all of the imperfections were addressed and explained to me. Thank you so very much.

10/02/09 Elizabeth T. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

10/01/09 Colleen M. Barbara is the best! I appreciate her honesty and candor and look forward to taking 10 years off my face!!

10/01/09 Tracey H. (The front desk is) always friendly and helpful. (The treatment) always goes smoothly.

09/27/09 Stephanie W. Barbara was the most informative, competent, sweetest aesthetician I have ever worked with. Dr. Adelglass is lucky to have such a high caliber employee and person in his employ.

09/27/09 Nancy H. I was pleased with my visit and the information provided.

09/27/09 Suzy S. Everything was wonderful! Thanks.

09/27/09 Nancy H. My initial contact was via website with Pamela. She was wonderful, as was everyone with whom I spoke. She (the aesthetician) was wonderful, and I appreciated her candid responses and information about what would and what would not really help my concerns. I was pleased with my visit and the information provided.

09/26/09 Paula L. Peggy was very helpful in investigating the fact that I had not received a rebate check and was very friendly.The aesthetician was helpful and professional.Thank you!

09/23/09 Lee L. The appointment was very helpful and the two people that talked with me helped me decide on the procedure that I want to have done.

09/23/09 Virginia P. Just listen a little more and truly own what the patient wants. Otherwise, the services and treatment are great!!!

09/23/09 Kay R. I just love ‘Doctor Botox’ (Dr. Adelglass) and the staff, please don’t change anything. As the old saying goes, if its not broken, then why fix it? Thank you for everything yesterday, I truly love my cheeks. (In answer to, ‘Did you find the doctor and aesthetician to be competent and professional?:) That is how, I decided to go ahead yesterday and have my cheeks injections done but of (due to) Ms. Rose Mary & Teresa. Now I’m really starting to look like a Diva not a old maid. Thank you very much and I will definitely be seeing ‘Mr. Wonderful’ aka Dr. Adelglass (Botox) and the lovely staff. …I called yesterday (9/22/09)around 12:15 p.m. I ask if I could have an appointment today for Botox. She told me to come around 1:40 p.m on the same day, I truly appreciated the fact that they can always schedule me on the day I called. Love them for that!!!!

09/22/09 O.E. Service is perfect and the people are very friendly,polite and experience. l would bring my friends who need this service. BRAVO TO THE TEAM. Keep it up.

09/22/09 Christine W. I was thoroughly satisfied with my visit! I will definitely be coming back for other procedures.

09/20/09 Jennifer G. Linda was WONDERFUL! So kind and helpful. =)

09/17/09 Linda P. I had an excellent visit — with recommendations for procedures and received Botox. I am leaning towards a non-surgery procedure — possibly Thermage on my face, neck and upper arms. But the lift is in my plans for a bit later. (The front desk was) very professional and nice!

09/16/09 Carol H. (The front desk was) very helpful, also very helpful in directions. I am very satisfied with my treatment and look forward to visiting again. This was my first and was scared but they made me feel comfortable. I was in and out and the procedure was painless with great results! Thank you!

09/16/09 Diane D. (The front desk was) friendly and accommodating.

09/07/09 Sherry B. I can’t think of a thing that I’d change, or any services that you don’t currently offer. It really was my best experience to date. I won’t wait so long to come back. And not only was she (the receptionist) friendly, but there had been a cancellation and I was able to get in the same day I called! This was the best Botox experience I’ve ever had. Almost completely pain free, and very fast. I’ve had no brusing. I’m considering coming back to have the area around my eyes done, which I’ve had problems with in the past (not from your office). She (the aesthetician) was very knowledgeable and took a lot of time to explain everything to me thoroughly.

09/05/09 Kim F. Everyone is always great.

09/04/09 Molly F. I feel so welcome in your office each and every time I’m in your office. What a great chemistry of people all under one roof!!!! I wish I could come in more often!!!

09/03/09 Karla L. Dear Skintastic: I just wanted to let you know that I found my experience yesterday to be wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and was able to answer all of my questions. I love the ‘one stop’ ease for all my needs. I have been reunited with my Obagi, received my Botox injections and was able to make all my arrangements for my DOT Fraxel treatments. (I am so excited about these upcoming treatments).

07/06/09 Kimberly H. The staff was great, as it was my second visit, I plan on continuing my treatments here. Customer service is falling by the wayside these days but your staff embodies it.

07/06/09 A.L. I loved coming to your office, everyone was amazing. From the minute I arrived until the minute I left. It was my first time and I was nervous, anxious and apprehensive. Sometimes entering places that offer rejuvenation services etc can be somewhat intimidating. I found your office so inviting, warm and every perosn I spoke to treated me so nicely. I am so glad that I chose Skintastic for my first Botox treatment. That nurse, Linda I think was her name-she was amazing and made me feel so comfortable, the Dr. also eased my concerns and fears. Thank you all so much.

05/03/08 David C. (Actor) I have definitely noticed a difference especially in my lower ab region…I like it! Great to know that it will be tightening further…but I am pleased with the results so far. I have really loved the whole experience. It was simple, easy and relatively pain free. I was able to go on two auditions the same week as my procedure. I have noticed a difference mostly on my love handle region. It is exciting to know that it is going to tighten up in time too. I do still experience a bit of discomfort in my oblique region. And it is hard for me to run like I used too as this area feels like it is “growing” back together. I was able to start back at the gym lightly the following week and as of today I am at about 75% of what I would normally do. During my trip to Mexico I swam and snorkeled every day. So it hasn’t been a big disruption in my life at all. No one has noticed any difference or at least they haven’t told me that they have….but I have. I wasn’t fat or overweight to begin with. I can definitely tell with my tight fitting tank top work out clothes. It is cool! It is even more exciting to know that the skin in this area will continue to tighten with time too…I am looking forward to that. It all happens so gradually that it is hard to tell a significant difference but I know it is there! 🙂

08/07/06 Marina M. Dear Barbara, I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated all that you’ve done for me recently. I have been made to feel comforted and accepted (not to mention beautiful). Every time I’ve stepped into Skintastic, you and all of your staff have been so kind and helpful and you all have done such wonders for my skin!! Being a part of Skintastic has not only rejuvenated my skin, but my spirit as well. So from my heart I say Thank you and may God bless you and yours always.