Skin Lesion Removal

Who gets Skin Lesions? Everyone. However, fairer-skinned individuals tend to have more moles, vein and pigmentation issues as they are the most susceptible to sun damage.

A variety of techniques at SKINTASTIC are used to remove beign growths and to correct skin discoloration, texture issues, and vein irregularities. These treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, generally requiring only a local anesthetic (numbing gel). The particular technique(s) used will depend on the type of lesions and other skin concerns that are present. In some cases, a cosmeceutical product regimen might be also be prescribed and additional therapies suggested by our staff. Most lesion treatment sessions take less then an hour at SKINTASTIC, and are relatively painless. These treatments are not considered to be medically necessary, and are not covered by private insurance. SKINTASTIC offers a complimentary evaluation for Skin Lesion Removal, and will be able to give you a estimate for one or more treatment options.

VEINS: SKINTASTIC offers a variety of treatments for vericose veins/spider veins, as well as facial redness (Rosacea), and telangiectasias and other venous conditions. Treatment may include Fotofacial IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), the Nd: YAG Laser, or even injection therapy, where the superficial vein is collapsed by saline fluid or Asclera (polidocanol). Asclera Injection Therapy may be covered by your insurance if you meet specific criteria (call our office and request to speak with Michael Carney for details about Asclera Injection Therapy).

SKIN DISCOLORATIONS: Hormonal darkening (melasma) can be treated with Fotofacial IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or even with customized chemical peels.

MOLES AND SKIN TAGS: Removed with Lamprobe and the Nd: YAG Laser; simple excision may also be used.

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