Permanent Cosmetics

Women have been singing the praises of permanent makeup for obvious reasons. No more ‘morning routine’ of application; no more reapplication during the day. Look good 24 hours a day, every day! Services include brow design, beauty marks, lip, eye and face color, semi-permanent makeup, and other timesaving procedures that will enhance your appearance and your lifestyle!

SKINTASTIC aesthetician and cosmetic artist Gwen Brooks has been working with permanent cosmetics for over 20 years, and has trained many other Dallas/DFW aestheticians to apply permanent makeup. There are a variety of types of pigments, dyes, application styles, and equipment that are used for the micro pigmentation (tattooing) of the face. The types, shades and pigments that Gwen has selected for SKINTASTIC’s medical patients have all been carefully chosen for their overall safety and long-term color-trueness; as well as their ability to produce very natural-looking, predictable results in her experienced hands.

Gwen is an artist that treats every patient as gently and carefully as she would a member of her own family. With years of experience honing her talents, Gwen knows that every permanent cosmetic client, and their needs, are different. A particular pigment on one client’s skin can produce a totally different look when it is used on another client, even when they have a very similar complexion. That’s because we each have different pallets of color that tend to work better with our own skin, eyes, hair color, and even personality. Whether you prefer bold or subtle, Gwen has experience working with many looks, and many different personalities. She will suggest the pigment shades that she thinks will hold their color the longest, and the ones she thinks are most likely to give you the biggest beauty-boost for your particular style. Just as with other tattoos, your skin is constantly shedding cells and the colors will gradually fade over time, so periodic touchups are required to keep colors bold and vibrant.

Call 972-620-3223, extension zero to schedule your complimentary Permanent Makeup consultation with Gwen. Take advantage of a great SKINTASTIC beauty savings offer before it ends on October 31st.