3d-microblading-eyebrows-dallasWhat is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent, but all-natural way to enhance your eyebrows.  Often, permanent makeup is too harsh and well, too permanent. Microblading could best be described as tiny non-permanent tattoos, that are hand-applied stroke by stroke with a ‘pen’ or blade of sorts. The result is a realistic, full and three dimensional eyebrow that is perfectly shaped.

Who is Microblading for?

Anyone who wants perfect brows… all. the. time. Microblading is also a great solution for those who have over-plucked or just need to cover gaps or define their brows a bit. Perhaps your arch is non-existent and you’d like to more clearly define your eyebrow shape — microblading is a great way to achieve this.

What does Microblading feel like?

A special ‘pen’ is used to draw on eyebrow hairs individually.  Because it’s a very tiny and meticulous space – this process can take up to two hours.  While it’s fairly painless, there can be some discomfort during the treatment. Prior to treatment, we use ice and a numbing creme to minimize any discomfort.  While there is up to a month of healing after the process, there is no downtime, you will be ready to show the world your beautiful new brows immediately after your treatment.

The smudge-proof and maintenance-free results can last up to three years, with periodic touch-ups.