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A Youthful, Vibrant Appearance is a Real Competitive Edge

Skin beauty and rejuvenation has long been perceived as being “for women only”. Nothing could be further from the truth. A man’s skin requires just as much attention and care as a woman’s does. Whether you are male or female, SKINTASTIC understands that maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance is important not only for success in business or to attract that “significant other”, but also for good general health and personal well-being. When you’re shaking hands with that potential client, or meeting for a first date, before you’ve ever said one word, the look of smooth, healthy skin has already created a positive and lasting impression.

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Men’s Non-Surgical Skincare Options

While laser hair removal in dallas and plano,tx is probably the most sought-after treatment for men, many opt for other procedures, including BOTOX Cosmetic for wrinkle reduction, Restylane and other fillers to fill in deep facial folds and lines, facials, chemical peels, and Photo Facial IPL, an Intense Pulse Light treatment that reduces sun damage and rejuvenates aging skin. We also now offer Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing for the body, face, neck, and around the eyes, to tighten sagging skin.

SKINTASTIC has many non-surgical treatment options available to keep a busy executive’s skin, face, & even hands looking young and healthy.

Men Love The Results of Cosmetic Surgery

Facelift for Men

50 is the new 40 at SKINTASTIC! In case you haven’t heard about Vitalize Lift – the facelift for Men and Women, it’s a dynamic new procedure that takes 10 years or more off your appearance in one day. What makes this surgery so phenomenal is that it is minimally-invasive, gets rid of sagging skin from the neck and mid-to-lower face, and has a very short recovery time compared to other traditional facelift surgeries. This mini-lift procedure can be combined with a number of other procedures, including injectables, an eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), a chin implant, and liposuction.  We also have some non-invasive options for lifting your look as well. Skintastic also offers thread lift injections and laser skin tightening to help you look and feel our very best.

Liposuction for Men

And of course – most men are all about keeping and maintaining the look of ‘six pack’ abs and a sculpted posterior. Between our non-invasive body contouring treatments like Cool sculpting and TriPollar/Apollo Body Contouring – you can have that look with a few lunch hour visits.  And of course – Dr. Adelglass specializes in fast-recovery liposuction technique called Smart Lipo. With this amazing procedure – Dr. A can target trouble areas to sculpt and even better rendition of yourself. Dr. Adelglass offers special pricing for lower BMI candidates and financing options as well. Call our office for a complimentary consultation.

Cosmetic Injections for Men

You’ve heard of “brotox” – or, Botox injections for men. The guys have long been in on the secret of using Botox, Xeomin or Dysport to smooth the brow and forehead, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and just look more youthful and refreshed. It’s probably one of the most popular cosmetic services for men. It’s a tried and true treatment with proven results – to help you look and feel more confident. Now, with the addition of new injectables like Kybella for double-chin reduction and dermal fillers to fill deep lines or add volume – the possibilities are endless.

Men’s Wellness

Men face a number of unique symptoms surrounding “Low Testosterone” or “Low-T” and other hormone imbalances. Skintastic offers natural and alternative therapies and bio-identical hormone therapies to help resolve these bothersome symptoms – and help you feel and look your best.  Some symptoms can be resolved with our innovative approach to hormone therapy. These symptoms unfortunately start to appear as we age, and are harder to manage as we get older. These symptoms include weight gain, low libido, reduced energy and endurance, unwanted hair – and more.

Ready to get your confidence back? Let Dr. Adelglass and the team at Skintastic help you with amazing new technology and products now available.

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