Seung Szczechowski

Seung Szczechowski is an esthetician who specializes in permanent makeup and eyebrow design. She is the owner of the acclaimed Tashi Brow and Skin Studio in Plano and absolutely loves what she does. She says that she is beyond excited about joining Dr. Lisa Kotas and the rest of the incredible team at Skintastic, to offer her specialized skills and services to clients here. Seung is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, an organization that is recognized both nationally and internationally. She is also an SPCP-certified trainer and teaches both beginner and advanced permanent makeup classes.

Seung has worked 24 years in the health and beauty industry and has been doing permanent makeup for the past 11 years. She has thousands and thousands of hours of hands-on experience performing permanent eyebrow design and makeup procedures for women and men, and she is also very proficient in performing eye and lip liner procedures. She has hundreds of highly-satisfied clients and is devoted to each of them.

Utilizing the most advanced and highly-recommended machinery and products in the industry, and continuously seeking out higher education and training opportunities throughout the United States and the world, traveling annually to educational conferences, studying online, consulting with other industry experts and never resting on what she has already learned and practiced, combined with her commitment to her work and to her customers, Seung assures the absolute highest quality treatment available.

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” For me, it truly is all about customer care and providing the absolute best in service and technical expertise—and, ultimately, designing and creating the most beautiful eyebrows for each and every person who puts their trust in me. Besides God and family, I love three things above all others: being a permanent makeup artist, my clients, and Korean food… I look very much forward to meeting the many people who put their trust and desire for enhanced health and beauty in the hands of the great team at Skintastic, and can’t wait to provide you with the most rewarding and satisfying permanent makeup and skincare experience imaginable

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