Restylane: The Solution for Full Lips

Missing the full lips you once had… or want the full lips you’ve never had? If you’re in the market to improve the fullness of your lips without undergoing invasive cosmetic surgery, Restylane can give you that plump, full-lipped look without the pain. This easy alternative can be administered in a doctor’s office quickly and easily. With Restylane, you get lasting results at an affordable price.

Why Go For Full Lips?

According to an international 2010 study reported in The Telegraph, women with full, plump lips look “younger than their years.” Celebrity lips are a topic for fawning fans and wistful wannabes everywhere. Full lips can help you look younger, feel sexier, and even change your attitude with that little boost in your self-confidence.

The Genetics of Full Lips

Unfortunately, “lip height”—a measurable method for assessing the fullness of female lips—is genetic. No matter how well you care for your lips, they may thin with age.

What Is Restylane?

You can’t fight genetics, but modern cosmetic procedures can temporarily turn back the clock on your thinning lips. Restylane, available in the United States since 2003, is a natural chemical compound. The serum is administered via injection and bonds to existing water molecules, building plumper, fuller lips almost immediately.

Beyond Luscious Lips

Restylane can be used on other areas of the face as well as the lips. The chemical structure of the serum is ideal for filling in wrinkles and hollows, taking years off your look. Give yourself a younger, more rested appearance by filling in the spaces beneath the eyes, minimizing crows’ feet, or altering the shape of a “weak” chin or hollow cheeks.

Restylane can’t turn back the clock, but it’s a low-cost, low-impact alternative to painful and invasive surgical options. Feel a little prouder of your face and look noticeably younger with Restylane treatments by Skintastic.

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