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Soften and Smooth Facial Wrinkles

Have you started to feel like your skin is not as firm as it once was? Are you seeking a way to minimize unwanted signs of aging, but a surgical procedure does not feel right for you? Consider Radiesse! This unique dermal filler stimulates your body’s own tissue production processes. 

Radiesse dermal injection - Skintastic Med Spa Plano, Tx


Radiesse charlotte is made with a gel that contains microspheres of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) suspended within it. When this dermal filler is injected, the microspheres trigger collagen production to smooth the appearance of:

  • Chin wrinkles

  • Marionette lines

  • Pre-jowl folds

  • Smile lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Good Candidate for Radiesse?

Radiesse is a safe and effective treatment option for most generally healthy adults. It can be used for a variety of skin tones and types, and it may be a good alternative for those who are not interested in surgical procedures. However, it is important to keep in mind the results are not permanent and they may be more subtle than those achieved with a surgical procedure.

A consultation with our professional staff can help determine if this is the best dermal filler to treat your specific concerns. They can help you develop a personalized treatment plan to promote and maintain the best results.

Radiesse injections for fine lines and wrinkles in Plano, Tx

RADIESSE® is an FDA-approved dermal filler that encourages your body’s natural collagen production process and reduces volume loss. Although it is most often used on the face, this injectable treatment may also be used on the hands! RADIESSE med spa for hand rejuvenation provides targeted volume increases to minimize signs of aging on the backs of hands.

What is Radiesse?

What Could I Expect from a Treatment Session?

Radiesse injections are administered during outpatient treatment sessions in the comfort of our office. During each session, these dermal fillers are carefully injected into specific areas of concern. You may experience some pinching or discomfort at the injection site, but there is little to no pain associated with the entire process.

Radiesse treatment sessions are typically short, and you should be able to resume your normal daily activities! You may notice some tenderness, bruising, or swelling in the treatment areas, but this should subside before you know it!

Results achieved with this dermal filler will vary for each person and particular concern addressed. Although most enjoy an immediate increase in volume, the best results take some time to enjoy. Results may last for up to a year, and a series of regular treatments is often recommended to achieve and maintain the best results.

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