neotensil_L1 Living Proof Neotensil™

Introducing Living Proof Neotensil Daily Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure, a nonsurgical solution that dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles, within 1 hour.


Clinical Studies Confirm the Efficacy of Neotensil

Patients showed lasting results after 16 hours of wear3,‡:

  • 100% of patients showed under-eye bag compression
  • 94% of patients had a reduction in the appearance of fine wrinkles

In a separate study, almost all patients saw improvement2,§:

  • 94% of patients showed any improvement in under-eye bag severity
  • 83% of patients showed a marked improvement or optimal result in the appearance of their under-eye bags after 3 hours of Neotensil wear
  • 87% of patients showed significant improvement in the appearance of lower lid wrinkles

An additional study supported further benefits for Neotensil-treated skin, showing exceptional hydration after 24 hours.4,||

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