Media Causes Cosmetic Surgery Growth

May, 20, 2013, Dallas, TX- At first people probably didn’t realize how much the internet would impact our lives. We didn’t realize the internet would create its own economy, drastically change the way we communicate with each other and even have an impact on how we feel about our appearance. It may seem surreal, but how we look online through the lenses of our computer or phones is the impetus behind a growth in Dallas cosmetic surgeries, you can call it the social media affect.


Social media is a big part of our everyday lives so naturally people are concerned about putting their best faces forward. It is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn that we connect with long-lost friends, keep in touch with current ones, and make business connections. And people want to look good online; you just never know when and old flame or friend is going to find you.

Computer cameras can over emphasize any asymmetry in a person’s facial features. Maybe one eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, your cheeks are imbalanced or whatever feature of the face is out of symmetry, skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Adelglass can correct those imbalances with a facelift, eyebrow lift or cheek implants. Facial fillers can also restore symmetry to our facial features.

 An annual survey from the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFRS), as reported by Time, shows just how important it is for men and women to look good on social media platforms.

The AAFRS surveyed 752 of board-certified cosmetic surgeons and asked them about emerging trends they are seeing in their practices. Approximately, 31 percent of the surgeon surveyed said they are seeing an increase in patients who wanted plastic surgery to improve how they look online. Additionally, the survey showed that cosmetic surgeries are outpacing reconstructive surgery.

Last year, ABC News profiled a producer, Trina Lavey whose career was based around social media platforms. Lavey told ABC, “I think that social media has really changed so much about how we look at ourselves and judge ourselves. Ten years ago, I don’t think I even noticed that I had a weak chin.”

Lavey’s solution was to have a chin augmentation and others followed suit; the ASPS showed that chin augmentations increased by 17 percent in 2012. In addition, to a chin augmentation Lavey also had a nose job, and both procedures gave her renewed confidence.

“It extends all the way from Skyping with people [to] having people tag me in a Facebook photo.” Adding, “If the camera comes out at a party … I am fine with it. I am excited to see them. Before, I used to want to hold my chin, but now I want to show my face.”

Dallas men and women are very concerned about their appearance, so much so that Men’s Health magazine ranked it as the fifth vainest city in the U.S.

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jeffery Adelglass is able to serve the many cosmetic needs of Dallas residents. In his two clinics, Dr. Adelglass is able to provide patients with a variety of cosmetic enhancements for the body and the face, from Botox and facelifts, to liposuction and cellulite control. Contact his office today to set up a consultation.

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