Liposuction Scarring


Everyone remembers the moment, early in a relationship with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, when you compare scars and tell the stories of how you got them. No one wants to say, “I got that one after my liposuction surgery”. That’s a reason why one of the fears that patients have about undergoing liposuction is that there might be permanent scarring. After all, liposuction requires an incision in the skin; any time the skin is punctured there is the risk of permanent damage. So if you elect to have liposuction done, will you be forever explaining the scars to your significant other? The good news is: probably not!

Many people get liposuction in order to feel better about their physical appearance. They’d like their “love handles” removed, breasts reduced or enlarged, and some of the excess flab removed from their thighs or arms. In liposuction, a device called a cannula is inserted below the skin which then breaks up and sucks out the fat. Fortunately, the incision required to perform such surgery is often very small, leading to a low risk of scarring. In addition, board-certified doctors are well-trained to make the tiny cuts in unobtrusive locations.

Of course, there is always a chance that there could be some scarring. If you are someone who is already prone to easily scar, you run a higher risk. In addition, the larger the cannula used, the larger the incision and the more likely it is that there will be scarring. And the darker your skin, the more likely you are to scar.

The largest factor in determining the success of your liposuction surgery, including reducing the chances of scarring, is finding a highly-trained, board-certified physician. Skilled surgeons know the best ways to take care of you and your skin so that you can be proud of your appearance. Find the right doctor, like Dr. Adelglass, and you’ll never have to explain where you got those scars.