What is a Photo Facial IPL?

One of Skintastic’s original skin rejuvenation treatments which continues to prove itself over and over again… This 30-minute procedure, performed by trained medical professionals, uses a machine which emits intense pulses of light that penetrate to all levels of the skin, causing collagen and blood vessels beneath the epidermis to constrict. The regimen calls for a series of six full-face light treatments at three-week intervals. Minor discomfort, described as similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin may be felt during treatment. A topical cream can be applied prior to the treatment to eliminate most discomfort. Redness following the treatment lasts less than 24 hours for most people (in rare cases, no longer than three days). Visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles occurs gradually, over the span of a few weeks following treatment.

Photo Facials are especially good for: fine lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth, shallow acne scars, age spots and pigmented lesions, broken blood vessels, Rosacea and sun damage. This procedure is thought to reduce the appearance of large pores and dark circles around the eyes, and is especially effective in reducing chronic facial redness. It also can be used to treat sun damage and weathered areas on the neck, arms and chest, as well as the back of the hands. Although not a substitute for a true face-lift, your skin will appear tighter, firmer, and smoother as you receive ongoing treatments. Maintenance is suggested to maintain these results.

The biggest advantage of Photo Facial treatments is that there is no downtime (the skin may, however, be a bit pink for a few hours after the treatment). The procedure improves the general texture and refinement of the skin, but is not effective on deeper wrinkles or frown lines, especially on the forehead, between the brows, “ice pick” acne scars, or other deep scars. For deeper lines, Skintastic often suggests Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, and various laser skin resurfacing options.

Now at SKINTASTIC Dallas Uptown and Plano (as of December, 2011):  Combining the new Allumera Cream with lightwave therapies (such as SKINTASTIC’s Photo Facial IPL–Intense Pulsed Light, Red Light and Blue Light treatments) can maximize treatment effectiveness, cutting the number of needed treatments in half! Learn more about Allumera here:

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