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IV Therapy

What makes IV therapy so great?

IV Therapy Plano, Tx

IV therapy circumvents one of the main problems experienced with oral supplements; it doesn't force vitamins and nutrients through your digestive system. Normally, when you eat a piece of fruit or take an oral supplement, many of the vitamins and nutrients included in those items are lost due to the acids and processing of your digestive tract.


IV therapy is different. Through this revolutionary therapy process, powerful combinations of electrolytes, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other nutrients, are injected directly into the bloodstream. This allows your body to absorb nutrients quickly and directly, increasing the bioavailability of those compounds.


This results in you feeling better, energized, and maximally refreshed much more quickly than you would if you took the most effective oral supplements on the market.

FIRST CLASS (Most Popular)

A combination of all of our infusions. It's every benefit all in one!


RADIANT DRIP (Boosted version available)

Want to slow down the aging process and help give your skin a glow? This infusion is for you.



Improves cognitive function as well as having anti-aging, energy producing, and anti-inflammatory properties, plus many more benefits.

MYERS’ COCKTAIL (Boosted version available)

This infusion is named after it's creator, Dr. Myers. Great drip to help overcome jet lag, improve sleep & digestion, and increase your immunity.  This powerful blend of B Vitamins and minerals, have an expanded range of nutrients to energize your body inside and out. B vitamins provide a boost of energy and mental clarity while detoxifying the body.  The calcium works alongside magnesium and Vitamin C to support muscle and bone health. Your body just discovered a new way of wellness, and it’s called the Myer’s Cocktail. 

SLIM (Boosted version available)

Boost your metabolism, address cravings and even give your energy levels a pick me up with this drip. This special formula includes a high dose of B-complex and other metabolism boosting agents which also promotes quality sleep, boosts your energy, and replenishes vitamin deficiencies. 

B-Complex + L-Carnitine + MIC B12 + Vitamin C


Once our medical professionals assess you, and a custom infusion will be created for you with added magnesium and other vitamins. Add on Zofran, to help with nausea, if you wish.

COMPETE (Boosted version available)

Our Compete infusion helps to reduce stress, aids in recovery plus helps to improve circulation, endurance and focus. It also aids in muscle retention and can help with post workout soreness. This drip focuses on physically active individuals who aspire to greater performance and strength. After a hard workout, your body becomes depleted of important vitamins & minerals. It includes a much needed blend of B vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids which load you up with energy, stamina, and the competitive edge.  It also has ingredients which relax the muscles, aid in restorative sleep, help lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

Types of IV Therapy


With this infusion, we utilize vitamins and minerals that help you recover after those fun nights on the town!

DEFENSE (Boosted version available)

Immune boosting properties plus a special formulation that helps reduce down time and inflammation.  Strengthen your abilities for combating illness & support whole-body wellness with antioxidants. Great for when you experience the first symptoms of cold or flu. 


Addresses pain by relaxing the muscular system. This formulation also helps improve mood, energy and can even help with depression, plus it contains magnesium which has a calming effect on your nervous system.

ENERGIZE (Boosted version available)

This formulation helps improve mood, energy, metabolic function, and can even help with depression.


Glutathione is the main component of this infusion. Boosts the immune system, repairs damaged cells and assists in the metabolism of toxins. Can also be used for skin lightening.



Immune support, circulation support and other benefits make this the best infusion for vacation goers and business flyers!


The name says it all...helps eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body.


High dosage of Vitamin C only.

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What to look for in your IV Therapy Provider

The main things to look for are experience and credentials, in both the medical director of the service and the individual administering the IV. Even with something as simple as an IV, practices can vary significantly from provider to provider based on experience—for example, do they let a metal needle sit in your arm for the duration of the drip or use a soft plastic catheter? Do they use local anesthesia at the IV site? Do they use inexpensive supplies or spring for nicer ones?

Another thing to consider is the provider’s ability to handle emergency situations. IVs are certainly low-risk, but they aren’t risk-free. Adding any compound to a sterile drip carries some (very little, but some) risk of severe allergic reaction, and just because a provider is experienced in placing IVs doesn’t mean they have experience troubleshooting side effects or bad outcomes.


Before you go, ask about side effects that may take effect in the next day and how to contact them if you feel there is anything wrong (like an infection or clot at the site of the IV). Be aware of signs of dehydration as not all providers are careful about calculating how to dilute or how concentrated the IV solution may be.

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