What is VolumaLift™?

VolumaLift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to help you rediscover natural, youthful beauty, by re-filling areas of soft tissue (fat) that have diminished with age. The VolumaLift is like a ‘face lift in a bottle’, restoring youthful contours safely and effectively, in a ‘no-downtime’ procedure that takes 30 minutes or less.

If friends, family and co-workers are constantly commenting that you look ‘tired’, you may need the type of ‘lift’ a VolumaLift can give! If you’re noticing that your once pouty lips are thinning and you now have those pesky little lipstick lines, or you have bags, jowls, hollowed-out cheekbones, or deep facial folds, then you are probably an excellent candidate for this procedure.

Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass will take a cosmetic facial filler such as RestylaneJuvederm, or Sculptra, and will inject specific amounts into the areas where youthful natural fat is depleted, to fill, lift and ‘plump’ the skin, and rejuvenate the overall appearance.

Combine With Other Procedures

VolumaLift is very complimentary to other cosmetic services, as well. The VolumaLift procedure can be combined with Botox Cosmetic injections, for example, for a Botox/Filler Facelift. Depending on the desired outcome, Dr. Adelglass may suggest combining a variety of surgical or non-surgical procedures or services with the VolumaLift, such as Photo Facial IPLGentleLift, or the VitalizeLift face lift.

The VolumaLift procedure is not very painful, as the more-sensitive areas to be injected are topically-numbed prior to the procedure. However, most of the cosmetic facial filler in a VolumaLift is injected in deeper areas close to facial bones where there are fewer pain receptors. Afterward, some swelling and/or bruising is normal, but that generally lasts no more than a few days, and can be disguised by makeup.

Depending on the type of cosmetic filler used, your treatment could last from several months to years (Artefill – a permanent cosmetic filler, is expected to be approved by the FDA any day).

Permanent fillers truly are permanent, however, so before you consider this option, Dr. Adelglass suggests that you carefully select a doctor with extensive filler-injection experience.