elissa-large-5 Sculptra Dermal Filler for Dallas & Plano

Collagen is a key structural component that keeps skin youthful looking and smooth. As you age, your body’s collagen production decreases, and you may begin to see wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic works to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds,* as it replaces lost collagen,

which can help provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance.

Sculptra is the latest breakthrough in newly FDA-approved injectable fillers. This non-invasive treatment corrects the deepest of lines and


wrinkles with long-term results using a biodegradable material called “poly-L-lactic acid”. Studies have shown that Sculptra’s potency can even correct lipaoatrophy, a condition that causes facial fat loss (typically occurring in patients with HIV).

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  • Restores fullness to the face, creating a rejuvenated, natural appearance
  • Treats the deepest of wrinkles
  • Sculptra provides a 3-fold increase in skin thickness


  • Sculptra provided statistically significant increases in mean dermal thickness persisted throughout the 2-year study


  • Clinically proven to be an effective, well-tolerated, and long-lasting treatment
  • Biodegradable and biocompatible lactic acid polymer
  • Synthetic; derived from natural components
  • Sculptra Requires no skin test


  • Sculptra has been used internationally since 1999 as New-Fill in an estimated 150,000 patients in more than 30 countries

Using a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort, Sculptra is injected using a very fine needle. It works by increasing the thickness of the skin and fills in what has been lost. Results are gradual, depending on the type of results desired and the severity of the problem. Over time, the appearance is dramatically altered after multiple, biweekly treatments. Once the desired look is achieved, this semi-permanent treatment lasts up to two years, but could require minor touch-ups.

Sculptra does not require skin testing prior to use, however you will need to discuss with the doctor whether you could be allergic to any ingredients and what medications you may be taking.

As with most injections, side effects, though minimal, could possibly occur. The most common are redness, swelling, bruising and pain around the treated area. Using icepacks immediately following treatment can minimize these effects.

Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S. administers the injections at both our Plano & Uptown Dallas locations – and uses the latest and most advanced techniques of injecting fillers. He is a physician with a vision who knows how to achieve your desired look. If you live in the Dallas / Plano area, find out if Sculptra is right for you, call Skintastic today!

Sculptra Q & A

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a synthetic injectable material known as “poly-L-lactic acid” which is biocompatible (a material that does not harm the body) and biodegradable (able to be broken down by the body). Poly-L-lactic acid has been used for many years in dissolvable stitches, soft tissue implants, and other types of implants.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is injected below the surface of the skin in the area of fat loss, providing a gradual increase in skin thickness. Results are visible within the first few treatment sessions.

Sculptra will not correct the underlying cause of the facial fat loss, but will help improve the appearance by increasing skin thickness in the treated area.

Are the results immediate?

At your first treatment visit, it may appear that SCULTRA worked immediately because of swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute Sculptra. In a few days, the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed by your body. Sculptra takes time to gradually correct the depression in your skin. Your health care provider will see you again in a few weeks to decide if you need more Sculptra injections.

How many treatments are required?

The doctor can decide the appropriate number of treatment sessions and the amount of Sculptra you will need. This depends on the severity of the condition and the outcome desired.

How long do treatment results last?

While treatment results differ for each person, a clinical study shows the treatment results to last for up to 2 years or longer. Touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain the desired effect.

What are the possible side effects of treatment with Sculptra?

The most common side effects with any injection include bleeding, tenderness or pain, redness, bruising or swelling. These side effects generally last, on average, 3 to 17 days.

One possible delayed side effect with Sculptra can be small bumps under the skin in the treated area. These small bumps may not be visible, and you may notice them only when you press on the treated skin. These bumps tend to happen within the first 6 to 12 months after the first treatment. Occasionally, these bumps go away on their own. Visible bumps, sometimes with redness or color change to the treated area, have also been reported. As with all procedures that involve an injection through the skin, there is a risk of infection. Report any side effects to your health care provider.

Who should not use Sculptra?

Be sure to provide a complete medical history for the doctor. You should not use Sculptra if you are allergic to any ingredient of Sculptra. Sculptra should not be injected while you have an active skin infection or inflammation in the treatment area.