Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing Reverses Years of Skin Damage

There is nothing like the confidence of knowing that your skin looks healthy, vibrant and rejuvenated. No matter what your age is, male or female, we all want to look and feel attractive.

The Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment produces thousands of tiny micro-thermal laser treatment areas in your skin, which penetrate deep into the dermis. These treatment areas are surrounded by untreated, intact skin, somewhat like the dots on a grid pattern are surrounded by white area. This “fractional” treatment approach promotes much faster healing than if the entire area were treated, taking advantage of the body’s own natural healing process to create new, tighter tissue in the treated areas. The Fraxel Laser can greatly improve texture, skin tone and pore size, can erase unwanted brown spots and reduce melasma (a hormonal darkening that occurs often in women, smooths out wrinkles around the eyes and also rejuvenates the skin of the neck, chest and hands.

Acne sufferers everywhere who have had to face the world every day with disfiguring ice-pick acne scars now have a new, effective scar treatment option that affords minimal downtime from personal daily activities, as they do not have to deal with the healing of a large wound area such as with a CO2 laser that completely removes the top layer of skin–a very effective resurfacing treatment, but not always practical for someone who stays ‘on-the-go’.

SKINTASTIC uses the newest model of Fraxel, which produces deeper dermal penetration and results with minimum discomfort.

(Actual Fraxel Patient; Photos Courtesy of Reliant)

(Actual Fraxel Patient; Photos Courtesy of Reliant)