New ‘Natural’ Body Sculpting

  • ‘Natural’ Breast Enhancement
  • ‘Natural’ Facial Enhancements
  • ‘Natural’ Buttocks Enhancement
  • ‘Natural’ Enhancement for the Hands

…Using Your Very Own Fat and Adult Stem Cells!

In addition to our great body-sculpting options, the SKINTASTIC surgical team is thrilled to announce that they now offer natural, minimally-invasive fat transfer enhancements for the face, breasts, hands and buttocks.

Using new liposuction techniques that keep fat relatively intact, Dr. Adelglass removes fat from a patient’s problem areas, fortifies the fat with harvested stem cells (also from the patient), and then transplants the fat and stem cells into the patient’s body area of choice. Whether it’s fuller breasts or buttocks, a smoother face, or more youthful hands, all of these options can utilize a patient’s very own natural filler–their own fat! Advancements in fat transfer technologies and the ability to fortify transferred fat with adult stem cells from a patient’s own blood supply have now made the fat transfer process safer, gentler and much more effective than ever before.

By transferring excess body fat from the abdomen, back or waist, our surgical team can reduce your waistline while increasing your bustline!

Improvements occur gradually over several months, as the transplanted stem cells transform into, and produce new fat cells in the transplanted locations. The change is subtle and very natural-looking. One of the key benefits to this procedure is that you remain 100% you, no artificial parts to be removed later!