Botulinum Toxin Dysport Dysport Wrinkle Treatment Dallas & Plano, TX

Dysport™, a botulinum toxin wrinkle-reducer very similar to Botox Cosmetic, was FDA-approved for use in the U.S. in May of 2009 and is available at SKINTASTIC. Dysport is a common wrinkle treatment throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

While the two are relatively comparable, physicians sometimes prefer one over the other in certain facial areas, due to differences in the onset of results, and spread of effect. Dysport is decidedly slightly faster-acting and has a greater “spread” (giving a more “natural” look); while Botox tends to remain more localized, allowing for greater precision and predictability in the treatment area, but possibly requiring more injections in the course of a treatment. SKINTASTIC offers both Botox and Dysport for wrinkle treatments.

This is where experience counts! Dr. Adelglass is a skilled and experienced injector and knows how to achieve amazing results with a mixture of treatments and products for each individual patient.   Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S., a cosmetic physician and Medical Director of SKINTASTIC Medical and Surgical Rejuvenation Center of Plano, who is currently one of the largest injectors of Botox in North Texas and the U.S., says, “the major benefits of Dysport to the cosmetic patient is that there are fewer injections needed in a session.” Dr. Adelglass stresses that “knowing your cosmetic injector has the right credentials and training is especially important with newer treatments such as Dysport”. Botox and Dysport do not have the same per unit dosage, for instance.

Please call the SKINTASTIC scheduling desk at (972) 620-3223, extension zero to schedule your complimentary evaluation or treatment appointment for Dysport.

SKINTASTIC and Dysport in the News

Dr. Adelglass was featured on both CBS11 TV Dallas and the 33TV news discussing Dysport wrinkle relaxer, and was one of the first doctors to treat patients with Dysport in the U.S.

Because of his extensive experience working with cosmetic inject-able treatments, as well as minimally-invasive laser, ultrasound and radio frequency body sculpting technologies, he is often called upon by local media to share these new and exciting medical and surgical breakthrough aesthetic treatments with the public.