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With dermal fillers, you can add general volume or lift to your face, add fullness to your lips – or fill the deep lines that can often settle in between the nose (nasolabial folds) and mouth or on the chin (marionette lines).  With a little dermal filler – you could have the full lips you’ve always dreamed of, or more rounded cheeks.  Dermal fillers come in many different formulations and consistencies – and are designed for many different uses:

Filling Deep Wrinkles and Lines

Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are well-known for filling deep lines around the nose, mouth and chin. Others are Belotero Balance and Radiesse. They are often also used for filling lines around the lips (smokers lines) to reduce the look of wrinkles around the mouth.  More robust fillers like these are often used to plump the lips, or enhance your lips – by injecting product carefully along the lip lines to give a slight added volume around the parameter of the mouth.

Adding Volume and Lift

Men & women lose volume (especially around the cheeks) as we age and often look ‘hollow’ and appear to have sagging skin. Different formulas of dermal fillers like Voluma and Sculptra are designed to add volume in specific areas of the face – and in doing so, create ‘lift’ in other areas. For example, we often find when we add filler to the cheeks, it adds ‘lift’ around the mouth. Dr. Adelglass is an expert injector familiar with all the different formulas of fillers and can customize a filler program to help you achieve the results you’re hoping for –  look amazing, in a natural way.

Softening your look

There are now a series of lighter formulations for those who want to ‘soften’ their look and add a bit of plump to their lips as well. Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft are examples of these products. If your lines/creases are not terribly deep, these fillers do a great job of adding a little plump and fullness, and filling those tough wrinkles – in a very natural way.

Whatever your goal – Dr. Adelglass can help you achieve a refreshed look, while looking natural at the same time.

Dermal Filler MAGIC: Everyone will want to know your secret!

There are now so many dermal fillers to choose from – and many different kinds that serve different purposes.

At Skintastic – we will customize your wrinkle treatment plan to make sure you have the best results for a smooth, rejuvenated look.

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