Beauty Shoppers in Plano – Have you heard of other centers offering Botox at $10.00 per unit? SKINTASTIC’s everyday pricing averages less than that! Dr. Adelglass purchases Botox in volume, and passes his savings (and experience) on to you!

BOTOX is a purified protein extract.

Since the early 1980s, it has been known that this protein can be safely used to control facial muscle spasms and tics, treat eyelid tremors and other ocular problems, and to control excessive perspiration. It has also been proven to significantly reduce chronic frontal tension headaches and migraines, and as you probably have already heard, is especially effective in reducing dynamic wrinkles of the face. Dr. Adelglass’ experience with BOTOX began over 20 years ago.

SKINTASTIC buys its BOTOX fresh, direct from the manufacturer, Allergan, the only FDA approved source in the U.S., so that your BOTOX Cosmetic is the safest and most long-lasting possible.

BOTOX is administered with an extremely fine needle directly into the targeted facial muscle. The protein then blocks the transmission from the nerve ending to the targeted muscle. As a result, the treated muscle relaxes and the dynamic wrinkle is softened. This effect generally lasts from two to six months.

BOTOX is now widely used by physicians throughout the United States to control or reduce facial dynamic wrinkles. Administration of BOTOX is a relatively pain-free procedure, and an ideal treatment for those patients who wish to avoid significant invasive surgery or want to minimize their time away from work or other responsibilities.

SKINTASTIC has been designated by Allergan, makers of BOTOX, as an Official Training Facility to supervise and instruct other physicians in the proper administration of BOTOX anti-wrinkle treatment.

SKINTASTIC serves Plano and the entire North Texas area with BOTOX and other treatments from their state of the art facility in Plano, Texas.













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