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Botox InjectionsBOTOX® is a purified protein extract. Since the early 1980s, it has been known that this protein can be safely used to control facial muscle spasms and tics, treat eyelid tremors and other ocular problems, and to control excessive perspiration.

It has also been proven to significantly reduce chronic frontal tension headaches and migraines, and as you probably have already heard, is especially effective in reducing dynamic wrinkles of the face. Dr. Adelglass’ experience with BOTOX began over 20 years ago.

Reloxin and Puretox are wrinkle reducers are similar to BOTOX Cosmetic and are presently in clinical trials. We will have these options in addition to BOTOX injections available in our Dallas and Plano offices as soon as they are FDA approved.

SKINTASTIC buys its BOTOX fresh, direct from the manufacturer, Allergan, the only FDA approved source in the U.S., so that your BOTOX Cosmetic is the safest and most long-lasting possible.

BOTOX treatments are administered with an extremely fine needle directly into the targeted facial muscle. The protein then blocks the transmission from the nerve ending to the targeted muscle. As a result, the treated muscle relaxes and the dynamic wrinkle is softened. This effect generally lasts from two to six months.

BOTOX is now widely used by physicians throughout the United States to control or reduce facial dynamic wrinkles. Administration of BOTOX is a relatively pain-free procedure, and an ideal treatment for those patients who wish to avoid significant invasive surgery or want to minimize their time away from work or other responsibilities.

SKINTASTIC has been designated by Allergan, makers of BOTOX, as an Official Training Facility to supervise and instruct other physicians in the proper administration of BOTOX anti-wrinkle treatment. SKINTASTIC serves Dallas and the entire North Texas area with BOTOX and other treatments from their state of the art facility in Plano, Texas.


  • Appearing “Frozen” or “Surprised”: Dr. Adelglass knows how to produce natural-appearing, age-appropriate results using BOTOX. As the muscle-relaxing effect of BOTOX is dose-dependent, the degree of muscle contraction impairment can be controlled by the amount of BOTOX that is administered into an area. Our physician’s goal is for the vertical frown lines between the brows to be completely eliminated, while preserving the ability to elevate the eyebrows in a natural manner. Therefore, a scowling appearance will be softened, but the cosmetic client will otherwise retain the ability to translate other emotions through facial expression in a normal manner.
  • Injecting a “Toxin” into the Body: There are always concerns when it comes to a new, previously-unknown drug or substance. BOTOX is, indeed, a diluted form of botulism toxin, whose wondrous wrinkle-smoothing properties became apparent while the compound was being investigated for other medical uses which BOTOX was later FDA-approved for. Two years later, in April 2002, the FDA granted approval for use of BOTOX in the treatment of frown lines. Over the last 20 years, the BOTOX compound Botulinum Toxin Type A has been evaluated in more than 200 clinical studies, and has been widely used for more than 11 years—approximately 1.6 million times in the U.S. last year alone.There is no chance of getting botulism from a BOTOX injection. There are possible side effects, but the treatment is generally considered safe if one is healthy and does not suffer from certain illnesses or neurological disorders. Also, if too much toxin is injected, or is injected into the wrong facial area, a person occasionally will experience temporary eyelid muscle ‘drooping’–which could certainly be an aggravation, but thankfully, this occurs very rarely when administered by an experienced injector, and the condition tends to resolve on its own within a week or two.
  • Injection Pain: The BOTOX injection needle is very fine, and only a small amount of liquid is used, so the pain associated with the injections is minimal–like the sensation of a bug bite. No sedation is required, and you can resume normal activities immediately. You can even drive yourself home or back to the office. Typically, the area to be injected will have a local anesthetic applied to it and will be chilled during injection (see photo below) to lessen discomfort. Some patients experience minor temporary bruising at the injection site, which can easily be covered with makeup.

Experience Counts: Dr. Adelglass was selected by Allergan to serve on the National Education Committee to teach other physicians his technique for safely administering BOTOX injections to achieve the most effective, long-lasting results.

He serves on the scientific advisory boards for Allergan, and for every facial filler company, including the companies that produce Restylane hyaluronic acid filler, and ArteFill permanent dermal filler–just FDA-approved for use in the U.S. (Dr. Adelglass was selected by Artes Medical to be among the first physician in Texas to administer ArteFill).

For more answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about BOTOX Dallas, visit our Botox FAQ. If you are interested in learning more about BOTOX injections and BOTOX treatments in the Dallas Texas area, contact our office at (972) 620-3223.

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