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Foto-FacialWelcome to SKINTASTIC Dermatology – a new division of SKINTASTIC’s medical and aesthetic services. Now offering expanded medical dermatology services at our Dallas and Plano offices.

Dermatology is a specialized branch of medical care dedicated to working with skin – the largest organ on the human body.  It’s a specialty dealing not only dealing with skin – but also hair and nails – and diseases associated with them.

At Skintastic, we offer both Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. Our professionals, coupled with the leadership and expertise of our board-certified Dermatologist, are able to fuse these two areas of dermatology to provide amazing cosmetic results and healthy skin.

With the latest technology and equipment, and our experienced staff – Skintastic offers an array of treatment options to improve a person’s appearance and boost their confidence.  Our approach to Cosmetic Dermatology uses the latest advancements in laser technology and product offerings from the worlds safest and most-tested brands such as Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm and Restylane Fillers, CoolSculpting – and more.

Through Medical Dermatology, we area able to provide treatments to focus on medical skin conditions such as skin cancer, psoriasis, rosacea, adult and adolescent acne,  hair growth, and more.  Medically, we provide a focus on prevention and diagnosis of skin disease, and we provide a customized treatment plan for each individual patient.

SKINTASTIC Dermatology focuses include:

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