Dermaroller – Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy

As we age, the production of collagen slows down causing the skin to wrinkle and sag; the Dermaroller is used for stimulating the growth of fresh collagen.  The Dermaroller uses tiny surgical needles to penetrate the topmost layers of skin.  When this is done, the nerve receptors in the skin sense this as an injury stimulus and, in turn, trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms.  Of course, the micro-needles used in the Dermaroller are so fine and thin that actual tissue damage is unlikely – skin integrity actually stays intact.  Skin cells that are near the pricking channel release growth signals to undifferentiated cells, which in turn stimulates the proliferation of new cells that are to be used to heal the “wound” that the body sensed.  Since there is no real wound to heal, these cells transform into collagen and integrate into the existing collagen formation in the upper layers of skin.

The use of the dermaroller results in improved blood supply to the skin, stimulation of new collagen growth, and improved introduction of cosmeceutical treatments into the deeper layers of skin.  These dermaroller results mean that you are left with a more youthful and uniform appearance of your skin.

Medical Dermaroller treatment should only be administered by a trained professional.  A trained professional will use a specifically developed sterile Dermaroller which consists of a stainless steel cylindrical drum hand-roller studded with fine needles of varying lengths.  There are imitation dermarollers available, but they cannot promise the same painless and highly effective results as the original.

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