Liposuction for Men

Men Are Interested In Cosmetic Procedures.

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Cosmetic surgery and laser rejuvenation is not just for women. Over the last few years, there has been an increased awareness among men, who realize that they can benefit from the same procedures, products and treatments that women have been enjoying to turn back the hands of time.

By looking younger and more robust, men can be more competitive in the job market, look and feel their best into their older years and be more attractive to women.

Men have a need to feel and look their best, just as women do. Many men work hard in the gym, and find it difficult to sculpt and tone targeted areas, or lose the last few pounds around the middle as they age. Liposuction gives them the edge they need to reach their goals – and have the body they work hard to achieve. This, in turn – allows confidence to flourish.

Another reason is the ever-changing business world. If one is perceived as fit, they are also perceived as having an increased longevity.  Physicians agree that there are folks of different sizes that are perfectly healthy – but perception is usually reality. To look and feel younger, and exude confidence – would help any applicant in the job interview, or climb the business ladder. Unfortunately, there are many times surrounding employees as they age, that they are less efficient or ‘not as savvy’.  If a great physique with the help of liposuction, and a younger, more refreshed look with Botox (also known as ‘Brotox’ when it comes to men) then it makes sense to keep up with younger competition in the business world.

Which Procedures Are Men Looking Into?

What are the trends in men’s cosmetic surgery? From our experience, we know that men are looking to sculpt their bodies, and lose the love handles. But what does the research show? It shows that our experience counts – and that liposuction is the most searched term among men in Dallas.

“No matter how hard they work on diet, and exercise – men have a tendency to pack on a few extra pounds around the waist and abdominal area,” says Dr. Adelglass.  “There are just some people – that no matter how hard they work or try – the stubborn fat deposits just don’t come off.”  SmartLipo Liposuction at Skintastic can help trim and sculpt abs and chest, and even remove unwanted fat deposits from other parts of the body (such as chin, arms, legs and neck).

What Is The Cost For Liposuction in Dallas and Plano, TX?

So, what of liposuction cost? With SmartLipo less-invasive technology, and convenient payment plans from Alphaeon credit, liposuction cost has never been more affordable.  We also offer special pricing based on the BMI of a patient, meaning that if your BMI is lower, you will be rewarded with lower cost per area of liposuction.

At Skintastic, you can have liposuction from as little as $1999. Take the quiz!

We also have an array of body sculpting lasers and other procedures to help you look and feel your best – with little or no downtime. Contact our office for a complimentary consultation to find out if liposuction is right for you. Skintstic offers liposuction for men and women in Dallas and Plano. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you look and feel more young, more vibrant – to look and feel your very best.

What are Men’s Favorite Liposuction Areas?

Men are having liposuction. Certainly, almost any area of the body can be treated, but men typically opt to reduce fat in the abdominal and waist, as well as areas of the neck and chin.

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What Are Some Other Cosmetic Treatments For Men

Men are also interested in injectibles – such as Botox and Dermal Fillers. These lower-cost cosmetic procedures can help men and women look and feel younger – quickly – with no downtime. Men especially love looking younger and more refreshed, without having heavily ‘noticeable’ changes to their appearance. These injections – coupled with laser therapies such as laser hair removal and photo facial – yield amazing results at an affordable cost.

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