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Would you like to be able to wear a bikini or swim shorts to the lake without dreading the thought of going outside in any kind of swimwear? Dieting and exercise should help, right? You could spend your evenings for the next couple of months in the gym doing workouts with a personal trainer, take up weightlifting and go low carb, but chances are you still might not be able to budge that last little bit of pooch, the saddle bags, thunder thighs, or that wiggly-jiggly arm underhang. We are the liposuction Dallas leader.

Have you tried body wraps, only to find the results lasted about as long as it took to drink a glass of water? How about rubber pants, rollers, thigh creams, vibrating machines and heat pads? If you are like most people who are embarrassed by unsightly areas of fat, you’ve finally come to the realization that those last stubborn pockets probably aren’t just going to go away on their own, no matter how hard you work out or how much thigh cream you slather on.

Permanently Removes Fat

Removes Fat

Permanently Removes Fat

Laser for Faster

Permanently Removes Fat


Permanently Removes Fat


Where Liposuction Can Really Make a Difference!

  • The Abdomen
  • The Hips
  • The Buttocks
  • The Thighs
  • The Knees
  • The Upper Arms
  • The Chin & Neck

Now Offering Special Pricing on Liposuction surgery for Lower BMI Patients

Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass recognizes the considerable effort it takes to look your best. Eating right and a maintaining regular exercise routine takes commitment and hard work. But sometimes – this isn’t enough to rid your tummy, sides or other trouble areas of those last few pockets of fat. Liposuction might be a great way to help you sculpt the perfect body – and accentuate your hard work and effort to be healthy.

*Some restrictions apply, please contact our office for more details on this special pricing.

Why Choose Dr. Adelglass
for your Liposuction procedure?

Dr. Adelglass (a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Dallas / Fort Worth) performs liposuction to permanently remove specific areas of fat on the face and body. The time required for a liposuction procedure depends upon the number of areas to be treated and the type of technique selected. Our friendly staff is ready to serve you.

Dr. Adelglass performs liposuction, technically known as “lipoplasty” or “suction lipectomy”, to sculpt body contours through a variety of methods. Here are some of the key points Dr. Adelglass will review:

  • Learning how skin elasticity and body firmness affect the procedure
  • Anesthesia types such as lidocaine, sedation, local anesthesia and general anesthesia
  • Guidelines to reduce the risk of complications
  • Facility choices such as our fully accredited facility and surgical center
  • Liposuction costs include: surgeon’s fees, facility fees and anesthesia fees

Beautiful Results

Client Photos of Stomach before and after Liposuction at Skintastic
Male Client Photos from Liposuction at Skintastic in Dallas
Client Photos from Side Liposuction at Skintastic
Client Photos from Back Liposuction at Skintastic

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Liposuction & Tummy Tuck:

How Do They Compare?

Coolsculpting™ SmartLipo™ Tummy Tuck
What it Does? Removes fat from the midsection, back, "love handles," or thighs (20% to 25% fat reduction with each treatment) Removes larger volume of fat from the abdomen, back, flanks, thighs, calves, arms, neck, or elsewhere Removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen and tightens ab muscles (great after pregnancy or weight loss)
Surgical or Non-surgical Non-surgical Surgical Surgical
Anesthesia None IV sedation IV sedation
Procedure Time 1 to 3 hours, depending on the area About 2 hours, depending on the area 2 to 3 hours
Procedure Location In our office In our office In our office
Recovery Time None 2 to 4 days 1 to 2 weeks
Back to High-Impact Exercise Immediately 3 to 4 weeks 6 to 8 weeks
Results Appear After 2 to 4 months After 6 to 12 weeks After a few months
Cost $$ $$ $$$

Liposuction & Tummy Tuck:

How Do They Compare?

Skintastic Procedure Chart


from Initital Consultation to Surgery

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Free Initial Consultation


  • Determining candidacy for surgery
  • Establishing your cosmetic goals
  • Examination so Dr. Adelglass can gather necessary data to establish a treatment plan

This comprehensive procedure also allows Dr. Adelglass to determine any alternative options to give you similar results. He will not perform a procedure unless a patient truly needs it, or he may recommend a less invasive form of treatment. By performing this thorough consultation, Dr. Adelglass is able to ensure his own motivation for surgery as well as establish how the patient will benefit. During this time, a quote is given for the procedure.

Pre-Op Visit

Several weeks prior to surgery, the patient comes in for a medical evaluation. We take a medical history and conduct blood work to ensure the patient can undergo surgery. Additionally, we take photographs to compare before and after surgery. We use this time to handle all other logistics of surgery, including paperwork, prescriptions and pre-op instructions. Any final questions or concerns can be addressed at this time.

Day of surgery

On the day of surgery, Dr. Adelglass begins by marking treatment areas. He numbs the incision points, also known as access points. He then applies local anesthetic and uses a drug called dilute epinephrine, which shrinks capillaries to prevent blood loss.

Next, Dr. Adelglass begins the liposuction. He inserts a cannula into the incision to access the underlying fat layer. With a back and forth motion, he breaks up the fat, allowing it to be suctioned through the cannula. Dr. Adelglass’s technique is typically to start in the deeper layers of fat and gradually move toward the surface. As he moves toward the surface, he uses smaller and flatter cannulas to ensure he gets all possible fat.

In order to get the best possible result, Dr. Adelglass uses crossing patterns with the cannula from multiple access points. By approaching the treatment area from multiple incisions, he can ensure a smooth texture and natural-looking result. During the procedure, patients are in a twilight state, allowing Dr. Adelglass to shift their position to achieve the optimal result.

As a final step, Dr. Adelglass and his assistants gently massage the treatment area to allow the removal of excess fluids. Patients will then spend time relaxing in our comfortable recovery room until they feel well enough to go home.


After surgery, our patients must have a friend or family member bring them home. They can immediately resume a normal diet and may take our prescribed antibiotics. Because Dr. Adelglass’s approach to liposuction is so gentle, only one in ten patients take painkillers following surgery. The local anesthetic from the surgery remains active for up to 24 hours after surgery, causing minimal discomfort and pain.

After surgery, most patients are alert and experience no nausea, grogginess or any other feeling that generally comes with general anesthesia. The incision points are usually left open to drain excess fluid, which is typically gone within a day. Patients are encouraged to take a long walk the day after surgery to promote faster healing. A compression garment is usually worn for two weeks following surgery.

Each aspect of your recovery will be thoroughly reviewed with Dr. Adelglass prior to surgery. He will make sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable.

Follow-up visit

Dr. Adelglass usually sees his patients the next day following surgery to check on the incisions and overall healing process. Patients should know that most bruising is gone after three weeks, at which point the results will really begin to show. At the six-month mark, patients will come back to the office to take post-op photos for comparison. At this point, patients have usually achieved 75% of their final results.

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What is SmartLipo™ Liposuction
by Skintastic?

Performed under local anesthesia, the SmartLipo laser lipolysis treatment involves the surgeon using a 1 millimeter-thick cannula containing an optical fiber to selectively target, then thermally heat and rupture fat cells, liquefying the fat. The liquid fat either drains or is suctioned from the entry incision, or is absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system and is excreted safely and naturally.

Thermal skin tightening effects are accomplished because as the laser heats and liquefies fat, the surrounding tissues are heated and contract, promoting new collagen growth and tightening the overlying skin in the process, in many cases, eliminating the need for surgery entirely in the treated areas. The collagen growth and tightening results continue for up to six months after the laser body sculpting procedure. Immediately following the procedure, you are able to return to your normal activities right away, usually within about two days (you will need to wear compression garments for a couple of weeks).

Liposuction and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: One without the Other?

Liposuction has long been the medical gold-standard for dealing with the body fat issue. Until now, liposuction has been considered to be synonymous with skin removal surgery, because when an area of fat beneath the skin is removed, the skin that covered it tends to become lax–so traditionally, the excess skin could only be ‘taken up’ through skin excision.

General anesthesia is usually required with traditional liposuction, and the areas where the 4 to 6 millimeter metal vaccuum tube enters the body sometimes require stitching, which can result in scarring. The manual vacuuming of solid fat deposits in regions of high vascularity can cause bleeding, swelling, and sometimes tissue destruction. Weeks of recovery time are generally required to allow the body time to recover from the trauma of a traditional liposuction procedure.

How Safe is SmartLipo?

As with any medical procedure, there are associated risks, but there have been no serious side effects associated with this procedure–and the recovery times for laser lipolysis are much faster than traditional liposuction. Using a laser to liquefy the fat, there is much less blood loss and trauma to the body and tissues. Smartlipo, even before the MPX version with new enhanced safety features, had less than a 1% rate of complications, compared to an up to 10% complication rate associated with traditional liposuction procedures (according to a 1998 liposuction study).

How Long Do the Results Last?

Unless a person puts on a large amount of weight, the results in the treated areas will probably be permanent; however, maintaining one’s body weight after liposuction is still vital to retain optimal results.

Real Skintastic SmartLipo™
Patient Results

Client Photos of Stomach before and after Liposuction at Skintastic
Client Photos from Side Liposuction at Skintastic

Happy Skintastic Patients

“My experience with skintastsic was beyond amazing! They entire staff made me feel so comfortable when I was so nervous. Leaving there I looked amazing and felt amazing. Hands down the best and I won’t go anywhere else!!!!”

_Melody C.

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