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People who are bothered by wrinkles have been able to erase them using Botox for more than a decade, but wrinkles are not the only hallmark of aging that people wanted to remove. Many notice that, as they age, they suffer a loss in cheek volume. Shallow cheeks are one of the most recognizable marks of aging, but anyone who wanted to correct that problem was left contemplating invasive facial implants.


Now, thanks to the makers of Botox, people can get that volume back by using Voluma. Allure Magazine reports that the United States has become the 73rd country to approve Voluma for cosmetic use. For the past five years, cosmetic doctors and their patients have eagerly waited as Voluma worked its way through the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rigorous testing process.

Unlike Some Other Injectables, Voluma Is Both Safe And Long Lasting

Voluma is the first FDA-approved filler that specifically targets cheek volume loss, but other fillers have been used in a similar way without seeking FDA approval. Compared to many other fillers, Voluma is the clear choice for anyone wanting to restore volume to their cheeks. The side effects that were observed in clinical trials are particularly rare and mild. Furthermore, Voluma can last up to two years, which is twice as long as its closest competitor.

Although Voluma has just been FDA approved, you can already find it at offices that are on the cutting edge. Residents of Dallas can be among the first to try Voluma by contacting Skintastic. We make it a point to provide our clients with the very latest non-surgical cosmetic products. To learn more about Voluma, Call Us At 972-620-3223 Today!

Voluma Targets Sagging Skin By Replenishing Its Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

As we age or after large amounts of weight loss, the skin on our cheeks begins to produce less HA, and the features of the face are pulled down as a result. This creates thick folds and jowls. Voluma uses HA in combination with Lidocaine to replenish lost volume, giving the face a more youthful shape. The results of Voluma are instant and look natural. There is also no recovery time, so you can walk out of the cosmetic center looking great.

After the first few weeks of Voluma treatment, we have seen firsthand what volume can do, and our clients couldn’t be happier with their results. To schedule a consultation to discuss Voluma, Call Us At 972-620-3223 Today!



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