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Cellenis® Derma PRP: Natural Skin Fortification & Augmentation

Unlock the Power of 
Natural Skin Fortification

Discover Cellenis® Derma PRP, an innovative and cutting-edge technique harnessing the potential of autologous materials. With minimal risk of allergic reactions, this method combines the proven attributes of Cellenis® PRP with the advancements of Cellenis Derma PRP. Experience an immediate volumizing effect and the promotion of long-lasting dermal health.
Cellenis Derma PRP
  • Enhanced Density: Utilizes Cellenis PRP with a unique technique to create a denser scaffolding in the dermis.

  • Clinically Documented: Proven and documented biologic treatment.

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for almost any part of the body.

  • Quick & Easy: Convenient, quick treatment

  • Diverse Treatment: Treat multiple areas with up to 10-1ml syringes.

  • Versatility: Suitable for immunocompromised patients and challenging areas.

  • Ideal for Large Areas: Effective for difficult-to-treat and large-volume regions.

Why Patients Love Cellenis® Derma PRP

  • Utilize your own blood's natural biologic.

  • Quick and simple application with minimal discomfort.

  • Comfortable, easy treatment process.

  • Non-allergenic and safe for a wider range of patients.

  • Enhance collagen expression and skin brightness.

  • Restore skin moisture, glow, and texture.

  • Safe, effective, and virtually no downtime.

  • Embrace a more youthful skin appearance.

Aesthetic Uses:

  • Plumping areas

  • Sun-Damaged Skin

  • Acne scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Skin texture and tone

  • Hair loss

  • Restore moisture and glow

  • Refine fine lines

  • Dark circles

Cellenis Derma PRP treatment locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cellenis® Derma PRP?

Cellenis® Derma PRP supports skin revitalization and enhances youthful appearance. Immediate volume is combined with the release of proteins and growth factors.

How is Cellenis® Derma PRP made?

Platelet-Poor-Plasma (PPP) and Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is processed to restructure proteins into a dense scaffold, promoting slow reabsorption.

What are the benefits of Cellenis® Derma PRP?

Combines regenerative properties of PRP with immediate volumization and slow reabsorption for long-lasting dermal health.

How long does the treatment last?

Utilize Cellenis® Derma PRP soon after preparation. Recommended: 2 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart, with repeat sessions every 6-8 months.

What is the difference between PRP and dermal fillers?

Dermal filler is a foreign material designed to give volume and fill up lines in a specific area. But PRP can improve skin complexion, treat dermatological conditions such as acne scarring, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Experience the Magic of CELLENIS® PRP
Your own DNA, simple, effective...

Explore the power of Cellenis® PRP, a proprietary technology for regenerative treatments. Stimulate collagen growth, improve skin texture, and address aging concerns with safe, effective procedures.


  • Thousands of procedures performed globally, addressing various aging concerns.

  • Safe, effective, and versatile treatment option.

  • Enhance results of aesthetic treatments.

  • Ideal for face, neck, hands, chest, and hair growth support.

Rediscover Your Youth with PRP

Harness your DNA's potential with PRP – a natural, regenerative treatment. Versatile and quick, it complements various services and procedures, providing natural, long-lasting, and visible results.


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DermaGel PRP

Experience the Power of a Natural Filler Alternative

Discover Cellenis® DermaGel PRP – an autologous, biological filler alternative delivering immediate volumizing effects. Uniquely created with extended-release properties, this revolutionary method induces collagen formation, enhances elasticity, and provides a natural soft-tissue augmentation.

Why Choose DermaGel PRP

  • Experience immediate, lasting volume.

  • Induce collagen, fibrin, and elastin formation.

  • Unique science and technology for real volume.

  • Ideal for face and body.


Cellenis® Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a proprietary PRP technology based on blood separation according to density using a unique separation gel. Over the days and weeks following a typical application of PRP, growth factors released by the platelets it contains have been shown to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and more collagen growth, thickening the epidermis, and providing an improvement in the skin’s texture and tone.

The science and technology behind Cellenis® Derma Gel PRP provides a cutting edge, novel technique which adds real volume to the face and body. This is achieved by uniquely heating platelet-poor plasma (PPP) which is rich in albumin. The denaturation and restructure of the proteins provides extended resorption properties. During this time, biological activity of Cellenis® Derma Gel PRP enables new tissue formation, providing skin radiance and rejuvenation.

Cellenis® Derma Gel provides the best of two worlds. It combines the superior benefits of Cellenis® PRP tissue regeneration efficacy with the immediate and notable filling effect of a protein scaffold to provide a natural soft-tissue augmentation!


  • Cellenis® PRP has been used in thousands of procedures worldwide addressing common aging concerns such as hair thinning or loss, wrinkles, lines, sun damage, acne scarring, stretchmarks, and post-procedure wound healing.

  • The treatment is performed in office with a small blood sample taken from the patient.

  • Cellenis® PRP can be applied topically or subcutaneously.

  • Cellenis® PRP enhances the results of aesthetic treatments like toxin, fillers, laser treatments, RF treatments, and hair.

Reasons to get Cellenis PRP
Cellenis PRP before and after
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