Catharine H. Stanworth, BBA, LME, LIPLT

Senior Vice President of Aesthetics

Catharine Stanworth (“Cat”) brings to Genetix a comprehensive knowledge of cosmetic, non-surgical laser treatments, as well as substantial business and medical acumen. Prior to joining Genetix, Cat refined her expertise of laser treatments in both Dermatology and renowned reconstructive Plastic Surgery practices.

Her specialty lies in treatments for skin rejuvenation, scar melasma, sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and skin tightening for all ages and skin types. Cat’s synergistic treatment methodology, utilizing both skin care products and preventative laser treatments, deliver tactile results with little to no patient downtime. Further, her experience with a vast number of laser procedure and treatments allows her to form and individualize a unique treatment plan for each patient to optimize his / her results. Cat has been recognized for her dedication to excellence among nationally top-ranked skin rejuvenation practitioners employing PicoSure® laser treatments.

Cat’s passion resonates with every patient. She consistently strives to exceed all client expectations while consistently improving her extensive knowledge by researching innovative treatment protocols with an unwavering focus to deliver the best possible solutions for each patient.

Originating from Cambridge, England, Cat attended boarding school and connected with people from all over the world. Upon graduating from Bournemouth College, she worked in eight different countries for more than a decide prior to moving to the United States.

Cat is a mother of boy-girl twins and shares a small bit of land with her husband, two dogs, cat, miniature donkey, and miniature horse.

Education and Distinctions:
Bournemouth College U.K. – B.B.A Business Administration
NLI Laser Professional
Texas Cosmetology / Esthetics License
Zenger Miller


Experience: 20+ Years