Botox for Treating Crow’s Feet

Botox, Xeomin and Dysport all have been approved by the FDA to treat frown lines, but a new study conducted by Botox’s manufacturer, Allergan, Inc., convinced the FDA to approve the drug to treat crow’s feet.


USA Today reports that, of the three drugs, Botox can now boast that it is the only one approved to treat this condition. The Allergan, Inc. study incorporated more than 800 participants to prove that Botox is more versatile than once thought.

Botox was approved to treat frown lines more than a decade ago and has been all over the media ever since. Although the treatment was met with some initial skepticism, it’s now a mainstream procedure.

For several years, Botox has been used by many cosmetic physicians to treat crow’s feet, but until now, its effectiveness was mostly based on observations. This off-label use is not illegal or unethical by any means, but the FDA approval does help legitimize the use.

In the past few years, Botox also has been used to treat serious medical conditions. It is approved to remedy severe headaches, uncontrollable underarm sweating and misaligned eyes.

When applied to crow’s feet, Botox works exactly as it does when treating frown lines. It is injected into the muscle beneath the wrinkles and causes the muscle to relax. This makes lines temporarily disappear.

The FDA approval is anticipated to give Botox a slight advantage over its competitors. It is unclear whether the makers of Xeomin and Dysport are planning similar studies.

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Any Botox specials? And wats yr cost per unit? Thank you

    Hi Ordene – YES we have specials every month – and offer Botox several times during the year with a special. There is currently an offer on injectibles, buy two areas, get one free. Visit our specials page – or give us a call – and we can review all of our specials with you! 972-620-3223. =)

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