SuncareBeen in the Sun?

The stresses of life take their toll and cause our skin to look older. Sun exposure, the major culprit of skin damage, only compounds this. The actual conditions that develop are often a complex of changes in the small blood vessels (called “telangiectasias”) and the appearance of age spots or sun-induced freckles and blemishes of benign brown pigment.

As we age, our skin experiences various natural and environmental changes that are associated with the following:

  • Broken blood vessels that cause the face to appear red
  • Benign pigment discoloration, such as sun-induced freckles and age spots
  • Sun damage in the form of thicker, rougher skin surface, loss of elasticity, and yellowish, uneven pigmentation
  • Similar imperfections on non-facial areas like the neck, chest, arms or hands

Scope of the Problem

Few of us can retain the elasticity and complexion of young skin, especially when we expose our skin to the sun. Not only do we cause premature aging, but many physicians caution against sun exposure for more dire reasons, such as the avoidance of skin cancer.

Traditional Treatments & Limitations

From cosmeceuticals, creams and chemical peels to Microdermabrasion and lasers, there are several approaches to improving the appearance of aging skin. But can any of them provide significant improvement without interrupting your daily outine?

According to experts, the best solution would:

  • Address conditions that are most visible
  • Treat your entire face, not just a spot
  • Be virtually pain-free
  • Provide a gradual, natural-looking improvement
  • Produce long-lasting results
  • Offer immediate return to routine activities

Photo Facial: IPL Skin Treatment

Photo-rejuvenation of the skin utilizing Intense Pulse Light produces dramatic results, and this new technology, with plenty of real scientific evidence to support it, is becoming more popular than ever.

Thanks to gentler treatments and the most recent technological advances, we can now erase those broken capillaries and benign brown pigment changes so often associated with aging, and turn back the clock to help you project a more youthful, beautiful appearance.