Artefill: The Perfect Wrinkle Solution

Over time, the body’s ability to produce collagen gradually declines; when this happens, Artefill can help.  Dermal fillers were created to help combat the problem of wrinkles and lines that appear as the body’s collagen production declines.  There are several temporary injectable wrinkle fillers available, but the problem with these is that the natural or synthetic materials used are eventually broken down and absorbed by the body.  As a result, wrinkle correction is only temporary.

Artefill is different than other dermal fillers.  It consists of a combination of bovine collagen, lidocaine, and smooth synthetic polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres.  These unique microspheres are not absorbed by your body and they actually work with your body to produce collagen.  This provides the support that your skin needs for natural, long lasting results.  The microspheres used in Artefill provide a permanent support structure beneath the skin to fill out wrinkles.  Not only do they diminish the appearance of wrinkles, but they also prevent further wrinkling in the treated areas.

PMMA is a common synthetic implant material used in medicine for a variety of purposes. PMMA has a very low risk of allergic reaction and does not migrate outside of the treatment area, making Artefill a safe, permanent choice.  Because Artefill is a permanent filler, it makes sense that it should be injected only by a qualified, highly-trained physician injector.  It is also important to be certain that you are ready for a permanent change before undergoing this treatment.

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