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Foto-FacialMonthly Beauty Membership in Dallas & Plano

Now offering SkinCentives, the most comprehensive cosmetic beauty membership available – and ONLY at Skintastic. Choose from three monthly packages, starting at only $59/month – that include your favorite treatments – at a discounted rate.   From microdermabrasion, to laser hair removal to medical weight loss and even photo facial – we’ve got the treatments you want, when you want them – at an affordable price.

What makes our membership different?

Three amazing levels and tons of our best-selling treatments set our membership apart from the rest. Most med spa memberships include only microdermabrasion – but our program is designed with the flexibility and offerings our patients request most often.  And – it’s not just offering amazing perks to our patients – at convenient and easy monthly payments – there’s more!  Additional treatments each month are also discounted – and just being in the program offers you a 10% discount on all product – EVERY TIME you are visiting our office.  PLUS: When you prepay the entire membership year – you’ll receive 20% off injectibles ALL YEAR! Call our office for more details or to get started TODAY!

Three Levels of Beauty

Skincentives Basic: includes laser hair removal (face, including lip or chin, front and back of neck or underarms), microdermabrasion, select facials, select chemical peels, Vitamin B12 shot (3/mo), MIC (Slimtastic Fat Blaster Shot, 3/mo) and Spray Tan (2/mo).

Skincentives Deluxe: includes everything in the Skintastic Basic plan plus additional laser hair removal areas (bikini line, partial thighs, face), Apollo skin tightening on face, and medically supervised diet programs (BMI+MIC) Spray Tan (1/week) Oxygeneo Facial, DermaPlane, and Silk Peel.

Skincentives Premium: includes everything in the Skintastic Basic and Deluxe plans plus additional laser hair removal areas (back, lower legs, chest, full bikini), Photo Facial, Apollo skin tightening on face + neck, or arms, Spectra Facial, Imogen, DOT C02 Fractional/Laser rejuvenation (eyes).

Call our office at 972-620-3223 to get started today!